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Atelier degli Ottoni
[Quassolo, Turin, Italy] Brass store and repair, with online sales of trumpet simulator.
Doctor Valve
[La Grange, Illinois, USA] Specializes in overhauls, valve rebuilds, and valve alignment services for trumpets, cornets, and flugelhorns. Gallery of past projects.
Ferree's Tools, Inc.
[Battle Creek, Michigan, USA] Manufacturer of instrument repair tools. FAQ, catalog, and company information.
Fowler Music Service
[Pasadena, Maryland, USA] Custom band instrument repair and sales, plating in silver and gold. Specializing in saxophone and clarinet.
Henry Potter & Co Ltd
[Aldershot, Hampshire, England] Repair and manufacture of percussion, brass and woodwinds.
Ian White Woodwind Repair
[Wheatley, Oxford, England] Comprehensive service to repair flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons and saxophones. Also sells accessories and used instruments, and stocks Bonna bassoon cases.
Keith Bowen Bassoon Workshop
[Seattle Washington, USA] Bassoon repair for professionals. Instrument repair tips, prices, and descriptions.
Lori Lee Flute Repair
[San Francisco, California, USA] Repair and overhaul of all models. Contact information and links.
Marsh Woodwinds
[Raleigh, North Carolina, USA] Musical instrument repair and sales. Service descriptions and prices.
Marshall McGurk
[Cumbria, UK] Service and repair for all woodwind and small brass instruments. Service descriptions and prices.
Music Aid
[London, Ontario, Canada] Custom work, repair, lacquering of brass and woodwind instruments.
Rodger Young Instrument Repair
[Edgewater, Maryland, USA] Specializing in repairs, upkeep, and restoration of woodwinds. Handcrafted flute head joints. Repair details and prices.
Roger Price Brass and Woodwind Services
[Wrexham, Wales, UK] Repair of all brass and woodwind instruments. Second-hand sales.
The Slide Doctor
[Dahlonega, Georgia, USA] Repair and set up of trombone slides. Provides online guide with photographs, and in-shop services. Information, tips, prices, and testimonials.
Stephen Howard Woodwind
[Petersfield, Hampshire, England] A collection of woodwind repair articles, independent technical reviews of instruments and humorous anecdotes relating to the world of woodwind.
Woodwind and Brass Workshop
[Williamsburg, Massachusetts, USA] James Vogel, professional musical instrument repair service offering overhauls, repads and playing condition repairs for discerning professionals.
Woodwind Tech
[Cleveland, Ohio, USA] Repads and repairs for flutes, clarinets and saxophones. Repair specifics and prices.
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