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Low brass instruments are often considered a sub-family of the brasses in general, as players may perform on more than one of these deep-voiced winds. The tuba is the largest, lowest and heaviest member of the group. The sousaphone was invented by John Philip Sousa to play the tuba part in marching bands, and is distinguished by circular tubing worn round the neck. The euphonium is sometimes called a tenor tuba, as it is pitched an octave higher than the tuba, but unlike the similar-ranged trombone, uses valves and is shaped like a tuba. The euphonium is associated with the British brass band tradition dating from the mid-1800s. The baritone horn is considered the US version of the euphonium, similar in shape and range but with a narrower bore, and hence a somewhat lighter and more piercing tone. The saxhorn was the brass invention of Adophe Saxe, inventor of the saxophone. The baritone saxhorn also has a narrower bore than the euphonium and is distinguished by a rear-facing bell. The saxhorn was also made in soprano, tenor, and bass ranges.

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International Tuba Euphonium Association
Professional organization lists scheduled world and regional conferences, employment, links to scholarly journal articles, and pedagogical materials as PDF files.
Baritone Horn Page
History, care and maintenance,and practice and playing tips.
Baritone or Euphonium
Article on the differences, with a nice comparison chart, pictures, and dimensions of popular brands and models.
David Werden Publications
Publisher of books for euphonium and tuba. Listings of music and available downloads of ensemble music including the euphonium and tuba.
Euphonium and Tuba Lecture
Basic description of the euphonium and tuba, with information about the Wagner tuba. Includes a link to a fingering chart.
Kansas State University Tuba Euphonium Studio: Links
Dozens of links divided into sections for solo performers, ensembles, professional organizations, festivals, competitions, and merchandise.
Music of Kenneth D. Friedrich
Original compositions for the tuba and euphonium.
The Serpent Website
A collection of information about the serpent, a precursor to the tuba and euphonium.
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