This category includes sites pertaining to the playing, history, construction, and performers of the stringed instrument known as the oud. The oud is a Middle Eastern and North African fretless lute. Originally from the region of present-day Baghdad and Tehran, it once had four strings that were tuned in fourths. Modern-day ouds have between 10 and 13 strings and are played with a plectrum known as a risha, mezrab, or mezrap. Some famous players of the oud have included: Greek: Yorgo Barcanos Armenian: Udi Hrant Kenouklian, Udi Marko Melkon Turkish: Cinuçen Tanrikorur, Necati Çelik, Yurdal Tokcan, Udi Nevres Bey, Targan Lebanese: Farid al-Atrach Egyptian: Mohammed abd al-Wahab, Riyad as-Sinbati Nubian: Hamza al-Din Iraqi: Munir Bachir, Omar Bachir, Nasser Shamma Scandanavian: Anouar Brahen Armenian-American: Ara Dinkjan, John Bilezekian, Haig Manoukian ++++ In Persian music (and the Farsi language), the oud is also known as the barbat. The oud/barbat is commonly believed to be the ancestor of the European lute and guitar, and in the Arab world is definitively considered the ancestor of the tanbur, saz, and buzuq (bazouki).

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Ain Arab (The Spring)
A journal of Jameel Abraham's experiments with making Turkish-style ouds. Includes step-by-step pictures and description.
Al 'Ud
Performance tips and music theory.
Al 'Ud
The early history of the oud, leading up to the development of the European lute.
Dimitris Rapakousios: Luthier/ Oud Maker
Luthier who specializes in ouds, lavtas, and sazes. Based in Athens, Greece. Includes pictures and sound files of his instruments.
Dr. Oud
Information on oud repair and construction, by Richard Hankey.
Faruk Türünz Oud Shop
Oud maker whose shop is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Includes information on the mathematical formulas for calculating oud brace resonances. In Turkish and English.
Mike's Ouds
An Arabic oud website with pictures, RealAudio and MP3 samples of compositions and taqsims, discussion forum, and links to other oud information.
The Oud
Extensive introduction to playing the makams (maqams) on the oud, by David Parfitt. Contains musical notation of many popular makams, both in Arabic and Turkish systems.
Oud - Nikos Dimitriadis
Information on Greek ouds and playing traditions, with Windows Media samples of taksims. In English and Greek.
Oud Cafe
Basic information about the oud and Ottoman music, including tuning systems, modes, hand positions, and exercises.
Oudmaker Dincer Dalkilic
Basic information about the oud and makam, as well as an oud making photo show.
Pablo's Oud Page
An informative oud site for beginner players, as well as anyone else interested in ouds.
Peter Kyvelos Receives National Heritage Fellowship
Hellenic Communication Service profile of Kyvelos, oud maker based in Boston, Mass.
Quick Intro to the Oud
This article, by D. Glenn Arthur Jr., is geared for guitarists. Includes oud pictures.

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