Makers, manufacturers and builders of stringed instruments.

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Alan Carruth, Luthier
Builds acoustic and classical guitars, violins, violas, harps and dulcimers. Includes photographs, prices, and information on lutherie classes.
Anahola Stringed Instruments
Luthier making acoustic guitars and violins from koa wood; includes details of instruments, testimonials, and ordering instructions. [Hawaii, US]
Bacorn Guitars
Archtop, flat top and electric guitars and mandolins.
Barry Dudley
Luthier creating guitars and violins; gallery of instruments, with information about his woods, workshop, and techniques. [Georgia, US]
Bruce Sexauer
Luthier producing flat- and arch-top guitars, violins and string basses; information about instruments, current inventory, and contact details. [California, US]
CB Guitars
Chris Bozung, luthier; information about his acoustic guitars and banjos, with specifications and options, testimonials, articles, and price list. [Tennessee, US]
Chris Allen and Sabina Kormylo
Hurdy-Gurdies, lutes, mandolins and viols. Includes photos, prices and articles about the Hurdy-Gurdy.
Claudio Ricca Instruments
Claudio Ricca Luthier. Violins, violas, cellos and other classical instruments plus restoration services. (Rome, Italy)
Coog Instruments
Makes, restores and repairs American and European stringed folk instruments. Includes gallery and newsletter.
Davy Stuart, Luthier
Builds mandolins, mandolas, citterns, bouzoukis, guitars and Celtic percussion instruments in New Zealand. Includes craftsman's biography, specifications, price list and partial list of clients.
Dearstone Mandolin Works
Archtop and flat top acoustic guitars and mandolins.
Deatherage Music Company
Texas craftsman Math Deatherage makes and repairs violins, violas, cellos, guitars, banjos and bows. Shop photos, price ranges, woods available.
Decava Instruments
James R. DeCava Luthier. Custom made guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukeleles and other fretted string instruments.
Earnest Uncommon Musical Instruments
Mandolins, tenor guitars, ukuleles and custom instruments. Models, prices, ukulele workshop, and links.
Flatbush Stringed Instruments
Victor Smith. Handmade custom mandolins and guitars, includes contact information. Vejby, Denmark.
George Stevens
Maker of handcrafted instruments such as lutes, historical harps, guitars, citterns and gitterns. Includes maker biography and details about wood used.
George's Bouzouki Services
Custom Greek bouzoukis, repairs and restorations. Based in Australia.
Holst Custom Stringed Instruments
Stephen Holst. Huitars and F-style mandolins. Features construction detail photos, audio samples. Creswell, Oregon USA.
Hugo Valcke Stringed Instruments
Hugo Valcke, Luthier. Handmade custom flat top guitars, bluegrass banjos, mandolins, bouzoukis and citterns, resonator guitars and dulcimers. Belgium.
Jack Spira Guitars
Offers guitars, Irish bouzoukis, and mandolins. Includes craftsman's profile, photographs, descriptions and prices. Located in Victoria, Australia.
Jordan Electric Violins
Electric guitars, basses, violins, and cellos.
Ken Miller Guitars
Hand-crafted guitars (acoustic, classical and flamenco), mandolins, and ukeleles. Information about instruments, current stock, with advice about care and maintenance.
Kevin Almy
A wide range of stringed instruments: from violins to archtop guitars.
Lorenzo Frignani, Liutaio
Luthier building instruments in the guitar, mandolin and violin families; also offers restoration of historical instruments, and appraisal services. Online gallery and contact details. [Modena, Italy; English and Italian]
Matthias Wagner
Reconstruction, building, restoring and repairing of historical plucked instruments. Also supplies strings. [Badenweiler, Germany]
Moon Guitars
Acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, mandolas, and citterns.
Oriskany Stringed Instruments
Hand-crafted acoustic guitars and bouzoukis, and repair services; includes instrument galleries, luthier profiles, and contact details. [Pennsylvania, US]
P. W. Crump Co.
(Arcata, CA, USA) Irish bouzoukis, citterns, Celtic mandolins and guitars - built, restored.
Pegasus Guitars and Ukeleles
Luthier Bob Gleason builds classical and steel guitars and ukuleles in Hilo, Hawaii. Includes photographs of his work, instructions for luthiers, and supplies.
Proulx Guitars and Mandolins
Offers a gallery of hand-crafted and custom instruments, with an account of guitar construction, contact and oredering details. [Ontario, Canada]
Sawchyn Guitars
A Saskatchewan maker of guitars and mandolins; includes information about his instruments, pricing and ordering instructions. [Canada]
Sebastián Núñez and Verónica Estevez
Makers of Early Music instruments (lutes, vihuelas, early guitars and harpsichords); also offer restoration services. [Utrecht, Netherlands]
Sheba Musical Instruments
Gavin Baird Luthier. Handcrafted guitars and mandolins made to individual specifications.
Smart Musical Instruments
A. Lawrence Smart. Guitars and mandolin family instruments including bluegrass, octave and classic mandocellos. Testimonials, articles, prices and specifications. McCall, Idaho USA.
Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works
Featuring hand-made dulcimers, strum sticks, flutes, mandolins and banjos.
Stoneman Guitars
Custom Guitars and Bass Guitars since the 1960's
Tim Kill Custom
Builds custom stringed instruments (electric, acoustic, lapsteel and resonator guitars, basses, and upright basses; includes a gallery and artist listing. [Victoria, Australia]
Unicorn Strings Music Company
Bowed psalteries, dulcimers, harps, bodhrans and accessories. Includes FAQs, psaltery information, and company profile.
Wreck and Roll
Custom bass guitars, double basses, electric guitars and other instruments made from motorcycle and classic car parts.

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