A triangular frame harp developed in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. Referred to as the Gaelic harp, Irish harp, cruit, cláirseach or clàrsach, and wire-strung harp. It differs in several respects from both early harps in the rest of Europe, and modern harps, as it is played on the left shoulder and its strings are traditionally made of metal.
Ardival Harps
Makers of wire-strung clarsachs following the Scottish and Irish traditions. Also offer harp playing holidays in Strathpeffer in the Highlands of Scotland. Portfolio and contact information.
The Clarsach
Brief description and history of the clarsach in Scotland. Includes an audio excerpt.
Commun na Clarsach : The Clarsach Society
Overview with details of events and services to teachers, students and players.
Cynthia Cathcart
Gaelic harper. Biography with details of books, recordings, concerts, articles and contact information.
Gaelic Harps and Harpers in Ireland and Scotland
A history of the clarsach. Developments, tradition, bibliography, and pictures.
Jo Morrison, Celtic Harper
Provides details of performances, repertoire, booking information, sound samples, recordings and clarsach resources.
Midsummer and Music in Scotland's Outer Hebrides
Information about the Loch Roag tuition workshops with Alison Kinnaird and Wendy Stewart.
Phamie Gow
Performer, composer and graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Information about workshops, commissions, discography and awards.
Scottish Harp Society of America
A non-profit educational organization dedicated to the clarsach and its music both ancient and modern. Membership information and contact details.
Timothy Harps
Offers handcrafted Celtic harps. Provides information about models and options available, including sharping levers and custom carving.
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