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Aaron Green Guitars
Aaron Green luthier. Maker of concert classical and flamenco guitars.
Aram Guitars
Classical Guitars, hand-made by Kevin Aram in England.
Arthur Robb - Luthier
Maker of custom instruments. Includes information on repairs and restoration services with history of instrument.
Bernhard Kresse -Guitarmaker
Maker of concert guitars. Cologne, Germany. Classical 19th century guitars.
Brune Guitars
Classical and flamenco guitars.
Byers Guitars
Gregory Byers Luthier. Classical and flamenco guitars. Also descriptions of research projects.
Candelas Guitars
Classical and flamenco guitars.
Collins Guitars
Michael Collins Luthier. Custom classical Flamenco guitars. Finger picking steel strings.
Daniele Chiesa
Daniele Chiesa Luthier: Maker of fine concert classical guitars. Spain.
Desmond Guitars
Provides craftsman's biography, model specifications, photographs, prices and dealer list. Located in Orlando, Florida.
DeVoe, Lester
Specializes in classical and flamenco instruments; includes profile, ordering guidelines, and galleries. [California, US]
Edward B Jones Instruments
Edward B. Jones. Luthier. Constructor of Classical Guitars and Lutes.
Eric Monrad
Luthier building classical and flamenco guitars; includes his biography, gallery of instruments, FAQ, pricing and ordering instructions. [California, US]
Fontanilla Guitars
Specialises in classical guitars; offers specifications, sound samples, photos, information about repairs and his biography. [San Francisco, US]
Ganz Guitars
Classical guitar luthier; includes his profile, information about his instruments, ordering details, and testimonials. [Washington, US]
Hancock Classical Guitars
Classical Guitars by Australia's Hancock Family.
Hawkes Guitars
Classical guitars and Classic Guitar Society of Western Australia.
Hill Guitar Company
Kenny Hill Luthier. Classical and flamenco guitars.
Hofmann, Erik Pierre
Hand crafts a range of instruments, including 9- and 10-string models. Also offers restoration of antique instruments. [Burgundy, France]
J S Cooper
Includes luthier's profile, a photo gallery, specifications, prices and contact details. [Arizona, US]
James Lister Guitars
Fine handbuilt classical guitars by Luthier James Lister in Sheffield, England.
Jeroen Hilhorst
Classical concert guitarmaker; includes specifications and features of his instruments, profiles of artists who use them, and price and contact details.
John Ainsworth Classical Guitars
Hand-crafted classical guitars by luthier John Ainsworth. An introduction to the luthier and his work.
Joshia de Jonge
Luthier Joshia de Jonge. Handmade classical guitars.
Kirli Guitars
Ibrahim Kirli Luthier. Hand Crafted Quality Classical Guitars.
Lutherie van Gool
Dutch luthier; also restores and makes vihuelas and lutes. guitars and lutes. Online catalogue and information about services.
Michael Cone Classical Guitars
Classical guitars based primarily on the patterns of Torres; includes profile of the luthier, images, MP3 files, and links to luthier tools and supplies.
Miguel Acevedo Guitars
Miguel Acevedo Luthier. Handmade classical acoustic guitars. Puerto Rico.
Mueller Guitars
Fritz Mueller Luthier. Handmade classical guitars. Specializing in double-tops.
Oribe Guitars
Classical and flamenco guitars and cases.
Oscar Trezzini
Luthier making classical guitars; includes his profile, testimonials, contact details, and information about his instruments. [Geneva, Switzerland]
Pablo Requena
Pablo Requena Luthier. Fine handmade classical and flamenco guitars. Spanish Luthier based in UK.
Paolo Busato Instruments
Paolo Busato Luthier. Renaissance and Baroque Lutes, Archlutes, Theorboes and Baroque Guitars. (Italy)
Paul Fischer- Luthier
Handmade classical guitars. (UK)
Pavin Guitars
Tom Prisloe Luthier. Economically priced, Spanish and Classical Guitars.
Philip Woodfield
Specializes in concert guitars; includes his philosophy on guitar making, a gallery, and audio samples. [East Sussex, UK]
Robert Guitars
Mikhail Robert, Luthier. Award winning, custom hand built classical guitars. Standard and short scale. BC, Canada.
Rodriguez Guitars
Classical and flamenco guitars.
Rohan Lowe Spanish Guitars
Rohan Lowe Luthier. English maker of fine classical and flamenco guitars in the Torres/Hauser tradition.
Electric classical guitars
Scott, Nicholas
Classical guitars utilizing the Smallman principles of construction. Details of instruments, ordering instructions, and a gallery. [Derbyshire, UK]
Smith Guitars
Lawrence K, Smith Luthier. Handmade classical lattice braced guitars and steel string acoustic guitars. Australia.
Stansell Guitars
Les Stansell Luthier. Custom handmade Classical guitars.
Stenzel Guitars
Sebastian Stenzel Luthier. Classical Master Guitars. Made in Germany.
Stephen Hill Spanish guitars
Classical and flamenco guitars.
Stuart Mewburn Guitars
Stuart Mewburn, Luthier. Building Classical and Flamenco guitars for over 25 years. UK.
Thames Classical Guitars
Classical and flamenco guitars
Thomas Beltran's Guitars
Californian luthier, specialising in classical guitars; includes a description of the process, the tools used, and a gallery of instruments.
Thomas Prisloe Classical Guitars
Classical guitars crafted for each player. Performer references, Luthier bio and models.
Whiteman Guitars
David Whiteman Luthier. Maker of Fine Classical Guitars.
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