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Abyss Guitar Company
Handmade custom-built 6 and 7 string guitars.
ADR Guitars
A. Dominguez Romero Luthier. Handmade guitars with 6, 8 and 10 strings, Guitarrons with 4-6-8 strings. Stockholm Sweden.
American Archtop Guitars
Custom archtops handcrafted by Luthier Dale Unger.
Andrew White Guitars
Andrew White, luthier; offers a gallery of his acoustic and classical instruments, testimonials, dealer listing, ordering information and contact details. [West Virginia, US]
Arne Jensen Guitars
Arne Jensen Luthier. High quality classical and steel string guitars handmade of the finest woods. Denmark.
Arnie Gamble Guitars
Luthier making a range of acoustic instruments, mainly guitars; includes gallery, FAQ, and contact details. [California, US]
Buscarini Guitars
Luciano Buscarini Luthier. Maker of classical acoustic and Electric guitars. (Italy)
Buscarino Archtop Guitars
Master luthier producing quality archtop guitars.
Charis Acoustic
Flat top acoustic and classical guitars
Comins Guitars
Luthier Bill Comins. Archtop Guitars.
Cronin Archtops
Custom built archtop and jazz guitars by Luthier Kevin Cronin.
Cucculelli, Rodolfo
Argentinian luthier. Biography, guitar gallery, contact information.
Cumpiano String Instruments
Custom guitars and Latin American instruments.
Curran Guitars
Steel string acoustic guitars, handbuilt by Luthier Buck R. Curran. Maine. USA.
Eduardo Alan Moreno Moore.
Chilean maker of modern nylon 6 and 8 string guitars, charangos and tiples.
Ellis Guitars
Andrew Ellis, Luthier. Perth, Western Australia. Fine, hand crafted six and seven string steel acoustic guitars..
Ervin Somogyi - Luthier
Builds a range of acoustic and classical guitars; includes instrument specifications, a biography, and a collection of his articles on luthiery. [California, US]
Everett Acoustic Guitars
Steel String and Classical Acoustic guitars handmade by Luthier Kent Everett.
Foldable Guitar
A new invention of a foldable and collapsible guitar.
Foster Guitars
Archtop and electric guitars.
Freilicher Guitars
Louis Freilicher builds custom guitars and banjo necks in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Also repairs and restorations of all stringed instruments.
German Guitars
Luthier Greg German. Maker of jazz archtop guitars.
Gerrit van Bergeijk
Dutch guitarmaker: Custom Selmer style "Hot Club" guitars.
Greenfield Guitars
Michael Greenfield crafts acoustic, archtop, and classical instruments; includes information about instruments, construction, and ordering details. [Montreal, Canada]
Greg Back Guitars
Greg Back custom guitar builder and co-creator of the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.
Gregory Furan Lutherie
Maker of handmade concert classical and acoustic steel string guitars.
Grellier, Christophe
Guitarmaker specializing in handcrafted steel-string guitars (flat-top, archtop, Weissenborn, and lap-steel). Includes details of instruments, workshop and for contact. [Nantes, France]
Guitar Master Works
Dr. John A. Decker, Jr. Founder of RainSong Graphite Guitars and luthier of handcrafted classical guitars made from exotic woods.
Hancock Guitars
Custom archtop instruments by Australian luthier Kim Hancock.
Harrison Guitars
Doug Harrison, Luthier. Custom built arch top jazz guitars. Based in Toronto, Canada
Haxty Guitars
Custom archtop guitars designed and built by luthier Greg Haxty.
J. White Guitar Workshops
Custom acoustic and electric guitars and mandolins. UK
James Fry Guitars
Custom handmade acoustic and electric guitars. Taylor warranty center for Western Canada.
James R. Baker Archtop Guitars
Handmade Archtop Jazz guitars.
Jimi Glenister
Offers custom built guitars and mandolins, also repair and restoration of all stringed instruments and bows. [Kommetjie, South Africa]
John F. Mello
Classical and steel string guitars.
John Marlow Stringed Instruments
West Yorkshire luthier, hand-crafting guitars, mandolins, violins and other stringed instruments; also includes details of his luthiery courses.
John Osthoff Guitars
Luthier John Osthoff, Becket MA. Custom handbuilt guitars.
Kathy Wingert Guitars
Kathy Wingert Luthier. Custom built acoustic steel string and classical guitars.
Kellaway Classical Guitars
Dan Kellaway Luthier. Classical guitars produced with a particular sound in mind. New South Wales Australia.
KGB Musical Instruments
UK luthier offering custom-made guitars and repair and customising service.
Kif Guitars
Kif Luthier. Handmade electric and acoustic guitars and other instruments for 30 years. England.
Knutson Luthiery
John Knutson Luthier. handbuilt custom acoustic, electric, and archtop guitars, mandolins, and basses for 25 years
Koll Guitars
Archtop and electric guitars and basses.
Lacey Guitars
Mark Lacey Luthier. Custom electric Archtop and Flat top acoustic guitars.
Langdon Guitars
Acoustic, Archtop and Electric instruments from salvaged and recycled woods.
Larkin Custom Guitars
Archtop and flat top guitars, mandolins and other musical instruments.
Laurie Williams Guitars
New Zealand Luthier Laurie Williams. Custom guitars and other instruments handmade using ancient Kauri and other exotic tonewoods.
Lehmann Stringed Instruments
Classical and flat top guitars, lutes, and mandolins.
Lollar Guitars
Archtops, acoustics and solid body electric guitars and pickups.
Lucas Guitars
A. J. Lucas Luthier. Classical and steel string, acoustic and electric custom instruments, made in the UK.
Maingard Guitars
Hand-crafted acoustic and classical guitars; includes profile, gallery, artist recommendations, ordering instructions and contact details. [Cape Town, South Africa]
Manzer Guitars
Luthier Linda Manzer. Archtop, classical and flat top acoustic guitars
Mapson Archtop Guitars
James L. Mapson Luthier. Southern California builder of fine archtop guitars.
McCurdy Guitars
Archtop and one-off custom guitars.
McGill Guitars
Offers a wide range of steel-string, classical, resophonic and acoustic-electric guitarsstage instruments; includes profile, instrument galleries and ordering instructions.
McIntyre Guitars
Chris McIntyre luthier. Craftsman of fine electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses. London, England.
Megas Guitars
Acoustic and electric archtop guitars.
Moll Custom Instruments
Archtop guitars and bass.
Moonstone Guitars
Hand-crafted acoustic, electric and bass guitars since 1972 using highly figured exotic tone woods.
Mørch Guitars
Danish handcrafted basses and guitars. Products, artists, ordering information, and contact information.
Nava Hand Made Guitars
Acoustic steel-string and classical guitars handbuilt by Gary Nava; includes a gallery and details on commissioning an instrument. [London, UK]
Neely Custom Guitars
Flat top and electric guitars and basses.
Paragon Guitars
Robert Bustos and Mark Vantaa, Luthiers. Hand built custom guitars, proudly produced in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Pavel Musical Instruments
Pavel de la Fuente Luthier. Custom electric, and acoustic guitars and basses.
Perlman Guitars
Luthier Alan Perlman. Quality custom made steel string guitars, classical guitars, 11 string and other models.
Pete Woodman Guitars
Pete Woodman Luthier. Custom acoustic and electric guitars, Resonator instruments and basses. Isle of Man, Great Britain.
Peter Barton Guitars
Beautiful, sought after classical and acoustic guitars from this fine English luthier
Petillo Guitars
Flat top acoustic guitars. Carved top, archtop, solid and semi-solid electric guitars.
Rick Turner Guitars
Steel and nylon string guitars and basses
Roger Williams Guitars
Roger Williams Luthier. Makes and restores guitars for professional and amateur musicians. England.
Romance Guitars
Jose Luis Diaz R. Luthier. Exotic guitars made in Paracho, Mexico.
Royal Jazz Guitars
Roy Eneas Luthier. Fine Handcrafted, Selmer style, Gypsy Jazz Guitars from the South Coast of England. UK
S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments
Custom made guitars, repair and vintage restoration. Authorized repair center for Martin, Taylor, and Gibson guitars.
Schaefer Guitars
Archtop guitars.
Schneider Guitars
Custom made guitars and Indian instruments.
Sedgwick Guitars
Stephen Sedgwick Luthier. Custom classical and flat top guitars. Also specializing in Harp Guitars. Britain
Shelley D. Park Guitars
Classic Selmer/Maccaferri design guitars. Vancouver Canada.
Sheppard Guitars
Gerald Sheppard Luthier. Fine custom build flat top guitars.
Siegmund Guitars
Archtop, resophonic and electric guitars.
Stefan Sonntag
Archtop jazz guitars
Tom Bills Guitars
Handcrafted archtop guitars.
Trevor Semple Guitars
Luthier. Guitar making, products, articles, lectures and resources relating to guitar-making.
Triggs Guitars
Electric solidbody, archtop and flat top acoustic guitars.
Trinity Guitars
Luthier Jim Holler specializes in making classical guitars; also offers sales of acoustic guitars and mandolins. Information about prices, ordering instructions, and contact details. [New York, US]
Usher Guitars
Frank Usher Luthier. Electric guitars, basses, mandolins and lapsteels, made in the Scottish Borders and in use worldwide.
Vatroslav Sabolovic
Vatroslav Sabolovic, luthier, creates handmade carved archtop guitars. Original creations on command.
Vinny Colletti Stringed Instruments
Vinny Colletti Luthier. Custom Archtop Guitars, 6 and 7 string and Archtop Basses. Handmade to order.
Vintage Acoustic
A builder of custom made acoustic and resonator guitars, as well as bluegrass musicians.
Vogel Guitars
Makes acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitars. [Quito, Ecuador - site requires Flash]
William C Kelday
Flat top and classical guitars and bouzoukis.
Zimnicki Guitars
Archtop, flat top and classical guitars.

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