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BC Rich Guitars
Manufacturer and distributor of solid body electric guitars and basses.
Birdsong Guitars
Manufacturers of hand built short scale and medium scale basses and electric guitars for the professional player. Wimberley, Texas.
Blackdog Guitars
Makers of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.
Bolin Guitars, LLC
Manufacturer of guitars and basses. Provides gallery of models.
Burns London Ltd
Manufactures custom and updated club series guitars and accessories. Previous models available. Includes reviews and distributor search
Callaham Guitars
Vintage 50's and 60's reproduction electric guitars and hand-built hand-wired tube amps.
Deakon Roads Guitars
Designed by Canadian maker Glenn McDougall, offer rich tone and easy playability at competitive prices.
Dean Guitars
V-notched winged headstock electric guitars.
Driskill Guitars
Handcrafted electric guitars. Quilted or flamed maple tops, unusual finishes.
Duesenberg Guitars
German electric guitars
ES Guitars
Builds custom handmade guitars for rock and metal music. Located in West Haven, Connecticut
ESP Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Fano Guitars
Electric guitars and basses
Fernandes Guitars
Guitars available with a sustainer system built in that is similar to an E-Bow.
Floyd Rose
Introducing the Locking Tremolo in 1977, Floyd Rose now also sells guitars and pickups.
Retro inspired electric guitars and basses.
Frudua Guitar Works
Italian electric guitars with unlimited options.
G and L Guitars
Electric guitars and basses. Factory tour.
Gretsch Guitars
The Classic Country and Rock-a-billy archtop electrics
Italia Guitars
Brand of an Asian manufacturer building unusual original guitars as well as copies of standard models.
Jackson Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Jerry Jones Guitars
Vintage electric guitar reproductions.
L.R. Baggs
Advanced pickups and electronics for guitar and other stringed instruments
Levinson Ltd.
Switzerland based manufacturer of the Blade guitar line.
Mayones Guitars & Basses
Two separate handmade lines of models, available worldwide, also distributor for quality guitar parts and accessories. [Poland]
Parker Guitars
Models and features of the Parker Fly guitar.
Patrick Eggle Guitars
Manufacturer of a range of electric guitars. Includes product information, news, forums, and downloads.
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
Builder of guitars and basses. Includes an accessory store and dealer list.
Phantom Guitarworks
Vox style electric guitars.
Rees Electric Guitars
Hand-made chambered electric guitars built from mahogany and figured maples.
Sadowsky Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Saint Blues
Memphis Tennessee manufacturer of custom guitars and basses with vintage look and tonal variety.
Schecter Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Instrument specifications and gallery, dealer listing, and information on artists who play their guitars. [California, US]
Tyler Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Vigier Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Guitars, amps, pedals and accessories.
Warr Guitars
Touch-style guitars. Lead, bass and rhythm simultaneously.
Wayne Guitars
Solid body electric guitars by Wayne Charvel.
Wilde Guitars
Guitars by Bill Lawrence the pickup manufacturer
Zachary Handcrafted Guitars
Handcrafted, uniquely designed, electric guitars and bass guitars.
Zion Guitars
Electric guitars.
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