Builders (luthiers) of custom electric or semi-acoustic guitars, hand-crafting unique instruments as opposed to mass production techniques used in factories.

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Alan Cringean Guitars
Handcrafted guitars and basses; includes instrument sepcifications and gallery, with contact details. [Moffat, Scotland]
Art Guitars by Phil Sylvester
Unique electric guitars and amplifiers.
Auerswald Instruments
Guitars and basses made in Germany with unique design features, e.g. the sustain bow and resonance chambers.
Benedetto Guitars
Famous archtop maker, not affiliated with Fender anymore since 2006.
Black Machine
With super thin body delivering quick response and harmonic richness and solid rosewood neck providing clarity, fatness and sustain. Paint substituted with oil finished to maximise tone.
Born To Rock Design
The F4 guitar and bass have a hollow aluminum framework body producing superior attack and overtones.
Brian Moore Custom Guitars
Solid body electric guitars. Includes audio samples and dealer finder.
Briggs Guitars
Handbuilt in very limited quantities with the best tonewoods available.
Burnstone Custom Guitars
Workhorse guitars for working guitarists by Daniel Burns.
Chafin Custom Guitars
Handmade instruments unique to the buyers' specifications and needs. Located in Tampa, Florida.
Crook Custom Guitars
Small shop building a select amount of guitars and basses per year based on classic designs.
D-Scott Guitars
Violin - archtop styled electric guitars.
Davis Guitar Works
Davis Guitar Works. Custom electric guitars and basses. Also restoration work.
DeTemple Guitars
High end Fender copies and guitar parts.
Dommenget Custom Guitars
Located in northern Germany, specialized in archtop acoustic and electric guitars, played e.g. by Stephen Stills or Neil Schon. Boutique pickup winder as well.
Dramm Guitars
Thomas Dramm Luthier. Home of the Botar. Custom electric guitars, made to be played with a bow.
Freddy's Frets
Freddy Gabrsek's handmade guitars custom built to any specification. [Niagara region]
Galeon Guitars
Custom Electric guitars and basses.
GMW Guitarworks
Building custom guitars and basses and refinishing, repairs or custom modifications. Limited production line of Empire Guitars on a per-order basis only.
Gordon Smith Guitars
Handcrafted guitars made in Partington near Manchester, established for more than 25 years.
Guitar Factory
Guitars with feel and performance of electric models combined with the sound of an acoustic guitar, located in Orlando, Florida.
Gus Guitars
Unusual instruments made of metal and carbon fibre, some equipped with MIDI.
Haze Guitars
Custom made, electric guitars and basses. Based in Dublin, Ireland.
Hertel Guitars
Ralf Hertel Luthier. Electric guitar construction and repairs. English, French, German site.
Custom guitar parts, bridges, and benders.
Jacobacci Guitars
Dedicated to the French instruments built from 1952 to 1994 by André and Roger Jacobacci with pictures, catalogs, specifications and interviews.
James Trussart Custom Guitars
Hollow bodies completely made of steel, several models and options available.
Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars
Composing electric guitars and basses and effect pedals since 1991.
Kamil Greben Guitars
Hand-crafted guitars and basses manufactured according to specific requirements, located in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Kelly Guitars
Custom hand built guitars from vintage tone woods and light nitro finishes. New York, NY.
Kinal Guitars
Archtop and solid body electric guitars.
Langcaster Guitars and Pickups
Langcaster electric guitars made from 35,000 year old Kauri wood.
Legend Guitars
Custom made as well as imported guitars and basses from Canada.
Lieber Guitars
Custom made electric guitars and basses since 1971.
Lull Custom Guitars
Electric guitars and bass.
M. Campellone Guitars
Building different archtop models with optional floating pickup system. [Greenville, RI]
Mammoth Guitars, LLC
Produces handmade, custom built, classic style guitars. Located in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA.
Manne Guitars
Italian basses and guitars based on original design concepts by Andrea Ballarin. With tone guide and audio samples.
Manson Guitars
Handmade custom guitars and basses, classic and concept instruments.
McNaught Guitars
Handmade custom guitars
McSwain Guitars
With hand-carved or metal bodies.
Melancon Guitars
Solid body electric guitars.
Michael Dolan Custom Guitars
Building custom basses and guitars in Sonoma County, California since 1977.
Mike Vanden Guitars
Bespoke maker of guitars and mandolins. Scotland.
Minarik Guitars
Instruments in classic tradition and innovative design. With forum.
MJ Guitar Engineering
Hollow and solidbody electric guitars.
Moll Custom Instruments
Custom builder of archtop, jazz, flat top, nylon stringed, and bass guitars.
Nik Huber Guitars
Made in Germany based on a 100 year old family tradition.
Old Moon Guitars
Custom designed with specifications for the individual guitarist.
Orlando Musical Instruments
Giuseppe Orlando builds custom electric guitar and bass in Italy, electronics too. Also known as Nocive Labs.
Peekamoose Guitars
Custom guitars built in NYC by Paul Schwartz and Hawley Waldman, made to order or in stock, also repairing and restoring used instruments.
Pensa Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Phiga Guitars
Phil Gawen offers exclusive through-neck and multiple pieces set neck models with natural finishes and detailed inlays.
Phillips Guitars Ltd.
Produces handcrafted archtops and bass guitars. Includes prices and specifications. Located in Columbus, Ohio.
Predaina Custom Basses
Custom basses and guitars available in any scale length. Also offering setup and intonation tips.
R.R. Gadow Luthiery
Custom handmade electric guitars created by North Carolina based luthier Ryan Gadow.
Rahbek Guitars
3 basic guitar models with a wide range of custom options. [Denmark]
Rhinehart Guitars
Hand-carved, hand-painted, sculptural picture elements on electric guitars.
Ronson Guitars
Fully custom made with trademarked neck.
RS Guitars
Custom Brian May red special style guitars
Ruokangas Guitars
Hand-crafted electric guitars by Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas. Original design Duke -series of carved top electrics.
Sadowsky Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Shamray Guitars
Hand-made custom guitars and basses from Moscow, Russia. Provides world-wide shipping.
Soller & Sivcak Guitars
Handmade in Slovakia, also bass guitars.
Soloway Guitars
Long necks (27 inch scale) and big bottoms (semi-acoustic body).
Specimen Products
Makes custom guitars and basses from exotic materials, aluminum, and traditional hardwoods. Chicago, Illinois.
Stark Guitars
Custom built on order with chambered bodies.
Starr Labs
MIDI guitars and custom MIDI designs.
Stevens Guitars
Semi-hollow and solid body electric guitars.
STHAC Guitars
Hand-made and handcrafted electric guitars and basses. Custom Shop Services. (USA)
Sweetwood Guitar Company
Handmade guitars featuring a laminated neck and a unique seemless tenon, also selling effect pedals and amp kits.
Teuffel Guitars
German maker building "post-modern" designed guitars.
Timtone Custom Guitars
Chambered and solid body electric guitars.
Tony Rockett Guitars
Custom made guitars, repairs, set-ups and restorations of many stringed instruments.
Tym Guitars
Custom built mosrite style guitars and effects pedals.
Veillette Guitars
Electric guitars, baritone guitars, and basses.
Wendler electroCoustic
Chambered electro-acoustic guitars from solid wood, also offers an amp and sound clips of some models.
Wilkat Guitars
Custom handmade electric guitars and basses; also offer parts. Online catalogue, and a collection of tips.
Witkowski Custom Guitars
Hand-crafted instruments from Poland, very often with unique constructions and built on order. Offering sound samples.
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