The modern Classical Guitar has six strings, usually of nylon (once of gut). The wooden resonating chamber is commonly made of rosewood, with a thin pliant top and a flat back. The neck is relatively broad, with 12 frets.
Standard tuning is EADGBE.

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Classical Guitar
Information on construction, repair, and background. MIDI files and examples of guitar chords.
Classical Guitar Illustrated History
History of classical guitar, composers, makers and performers. Includes images of ancient guitars.
Classical Guitar Internet Resource Site
Links to classical guitar mailing lists and message boards.
Classical Guitar Midi Archives
Includes a wide variety of classical guitar music files. History of Midi and explanation of tablature notation are included.
Classical Guitar Tablature
Tablature, MIDIs, and standard notation for beginning to intermediate guitarists.
Resource center and meeting place for classical guitarists from around the world. Includes classical guitar sheet music, classified by order of difficulty, MP3s, tablature, videos and on-line guitar instruction.
Granary Guitars
A museum of classical guitars available for inspection and playing. Information about instruments, open days and visiting arrangements. [Hertfordshire, UK]
The Guitar School - Iceland
Sheet music for classical guitar in Adobe Acrobat format. Guitar primer, studies and pieces by Eythor Thorlaksson and Sveinn Eythorsson. Classical Guitar
Manuscript and MIDI files; links to music, lessons, and articles; information and resources for beginners.
International Guitar Research Archive
Extensive database archives includes articles, lists of musical pieces, and composer biographies.
Iznaola Guitar Works
Offers recordings, books and other resources by guitarist Ricardo Iznaola.
New Millennium Guitar Publishing Co.
Online sheet music samples, catalog, magazine and technique guide.
Stalking the Oldest Six-String Guitar
An article by Thomas F. Heck about the origins of the modern six-string classical guitar, and how it differed from its antecedents (first published 1972).

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