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BeatGear Cavern
The BGC is about 1960s music, guitars, amplifiers, drums and other gear as well as pop culture including the Beatles.
Boogie Board
Discussing all Mesa Boogie amps, with an amp setting database for most of the models.
Carvin Museum Forum
About old and new guitars, basses and amps from this manufacturer.
Club McNaught
Forums for discussing guitars built by David Thomas McNaught.
DiMarzio pickups forum
An online community for guitar pickup enthusiasts specializing in DiMarzios. Learn, share and spread the love for your favorite guitar pickup.
Unofficial forum for Epiphone and Gibson guitar players.
Fender Discussion Page
The FDP is a private site offering many different boards for all things related to the company.
The Fret.Net
A friendly forum for guitar and bass players of all ages and abilities, also offers free user uploads within a reasonable file size.
The Gear Page
TGP is one of the biggest internet communities about guitars and related gear, e.g. luthiers or effect boards.
Discussions about guitar and bass rigs of users and favorite artists.
Gibson Forums
For customers and enthusiasts to share opinions and information about all of the brands in the Gibson family.
Offering discussion boards for the complete Gibson guitar range including Epiphone models.
Guitar For Beginners & Beyond
For all guitarists whether they are just beginners or have been playing for a long time.
Guitar Forum
Guitarists' forum with "Gear Acquisition Syndrome" categorised links for instruments and amplification.
Guitar Gallery Forums
About the different brands coming from the Japanese manufacturer Matsumoku like Aria, Westone, Electra and others.
Guitar Player Magazine Forums
An open forum for guitar players to share their opinions and ask questions about guitars, guitar-related gear, tips for maintenance, and on learning how to play.
Guitars Canada
Forum covering all types of guitars and accessories, as well as theory and techniques.
Ibanez Collectors World
Discussion board, gallery and further links for fans of this Japanese manufacturer.
Jackson / Charvel Forum
Discussion site for these manufacturers with chat and gallery.
Kramer Guitar Forum
For fans of these typical hardrock guitars.
Les Paul Forum
The LPF is an unofficial site dedicated to Gibson Les Paul and other Gibson guitars, also offers knowledgeable articles about vintage instruments.
A place for Guild enthusiasts.
Music Electronics Forum
The new "ampage" discussion site about building, modifying and maintaining musical electronic devices such as guitar amps and effects as well as pickups.
Offers Les Paul related forums, news, photos and advice.
Online-Discussion Network
The ODN is a place for guitar aficionados to find discussions about artists, gear, and music. Hosts many different forums.
Ovation Fan Club
Online home for fans of Ovation acoustic and electric guitars.
Project Guitar Forum
General discussions about working on guitars.
Discussions and free classified ads about guitars, amps, and effects. Official forums of Cameron and Diezel amps as well as Gutierrez guitars and Homebrew Electronics.
Robin Lovers
Fans discussing the different models of the guitar manufacturer from Houston, Texas.
Seymour Duncan User Group Forums
The pickup manufacturer provides an open discussion place not restricted to their own products.
Sputnik Music
Discuss music and gear, write your own reviews, and rate your albums. Very large board with emphasis on guitar topics.
Steinberger World
Yahoo! group for fans and players of the innovative Steinberger guitars and basses.
Discussing the Stratocaster with free user blogs, galleries, links and reviews.
Suhr Guitar Talk
ODN forum about Suhr guitars and amps. [RSS]
Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue
The TDPRI is a forum for guitar players who appreciate the Telecaster and Fender's other great guitars, also offers free picture uploads.
Tokai Forum
Fan community of this Japanese manufacturer with different boards like "Vintage" or "Ebay alerts", also about other Japanese brands like Burny, Orville or Greco.
Forums dedicated to guitar enthusiasts. Cover electric, acoustic, guitar gear and accessories topics.
Vintage Amps Bulletin Board
Formerly known as the Plexi Palace, offers many boards for different amp manufacturers.
VintAxe Guitar Forum
About unusual vintage instruments.
Yahoo! group for owners and collectors of these instruments.
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