Sites which contain collections of fiddle tunes, in any of the commonly used formats.
  • standard notation (in PDF or graphic file formats);
  • sound files (MIDI, mp3, etc);
  • and abc text format files (very common for folk and traditional music).

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Allan's Irish Fiddler
A collection of tunes in a range of formats, and notation, transcribed from the book by Hugh McDermott.
Ceolas: The Fiddler's Companion
An online database of over 50,000 fiddle tunes, in abc format, from the Celtic, British and American traditions, by Andrew Kuntz.
Ed Haley Fiddle Tune Transcriptions
Some transcriptions from the fiddle playing of Ed Haley, in standard notation.
Fiddle Tunes From The American Revolution
A collection of fiddle tunes from the American Revolution period in MIDI music format, from the personal notebook of a certain Captain George Bush, officer in George Washington's army.
Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier
The Henry Reed Collection (Library of Congress); a multi-format online field collection of traditional fiddle tunes recorded in 1966-67. Includes an essay about Reed's life, art, and influence.
The Fiddler's Companion
Andrew Kuntz's descriptive index of North American and British Isles Music for the fiddle. Includes tunes in abc format, historical notes, biographies of fiddlers, and a collection of articles.
Gow, Niel
A selection of Niel Gow's tunes in gif and midi formats; also offers a tunebook to download in PDF format.
Hetzler's Fakebook
A collection of over 500 Celtic and old-time fiddle tunes in midi format for people learning fiddle or other instruments; includes historical notes and contact details.
Highland Music Trust
Charitable trust established to encourage Scottish national and traditional music, and reprint collections of fiddle tunes; includes ordering instructions.
The John Murdoch Henderson Collection
Information about a collection of fiddle and bagpipe music entrusted to the North East Folklore Archive; includes an introduction, catalog, biography, excerpts from Henderson's writings, and archive audio samples. [Scotland]
Northumbrian, Tyneside and other Traditional Tunes for the Fiddle
Offers a collection of fiddle tunes in notation (gif format), and information about ordering his book.
Sample Tunes
A substantial collection of fiddle tunes mainly from the traditions and players of Cape Breton; in notation (gif format) and/or abc formats.
The Session
ABCs, discussions, and recording index for listed tunes, mostly traditional Irish music. Site contains thousands of tunes in a searchable database. Create your own personal tune book.
Stephen Klein's Fiddle Web Page
Offers profiles of well-known Cape Breton fiddlers, and a collection of fiddle tunes (in abc format).
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