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Alembic Basses
Home of the "Hippie Sandwich," high-end custom builder of laminated, through- and set-neck electric bass guitars with active filtering electronics; also preamps and pickups.
Atlansia Basses
Japanese custom electric art basses; 1 to 6 string models; highly original in design and technology.
A Basses
Custom "basses made by a bass player," modeled on the vintage J sound and feel.
BassLab Guitars
Sleek, custom electric basses and guitars.
Brubaker Guitars
Hand crafted 4, 5, and 6 string basses, upright electric, and guitars as well.
Carl Thompson Basses
Instrument information and pictures.
Handcrafted 4 and 5 string electric and acoustic/electric bass guitars.
Clevinger Electric Double Basses
Full scale electric upright portable basses. Pictures, sound clips and an article on the evolution of the instrument.
Concord Group
Double basses, cellos, cases, and accessories.
Custom 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 string electric bass guitars.
Dammann Basses
Pictures, product descriptions and details, prices, and contact information.
Custom four and five string bass guitars.
Dingwall Designer Basses
4, 5, and 6 string Voodoo electric bass guitars featuring the radical Novax fanned-fret system.
DP Custom Basses
Luthier Dave Pushic's economical through-neck 4, 5, and 6 string electric bass guitars; one-on-one custom design.
Electric Upright Bass
Hand-carved basses. Picture and description.
Eminence Bass
Acoustic portable upright bass.
Bass guitars with custom active/passive electronics.
G Gould
Graphite reinforced neck 4 and 5 string bass guitars
GR Basses
P style 4 and 5 string bass guitars.
Johnson's Extremely Strange Musical Instrument Co.
New and restored Ampeg Scroll basses. Extensive information.
Ken Smith Basses
Factory tour, products, dealers, model options, and contact information.
Ex Factor and Factor 4 bass guitars.
Bruce Kaminsky's compact electric upright basses: a 30" scale travel model and a new 35" model.
Lakland Basses
4 and 5 five string electric bass guitars, hollow-body and classic bolt-on solid body designs.
Landing Guitars
Solid body electric bass guitars; product specifications, prices, and contact information.
Luthiers Access Group
Builders' collaborative. Luthier and product information, used basses, photo gallery, and sales.
M.V. Pedulla Guitars, Inc.
Fretted and fretless basses. Product information, prices, and famous owners.
Merchant Vertical Bass Company
Electric upright basses designed to sound like an acoustic model. Bass restoration and conservation.
Messenger Upright Electric Bass
Designed to make the transition between acoustic and upright electric as natural and rewarding as possible. Specifications, prices, photos.
Michael Tobias Luthier
Handmade basses: specifications, dealers, artists, and contact information.
Music Man
Maker of bolt-on 4 and 5 string electric guitars and basses, a line established by Leo Fender.
Mørch Guitars
Danish handcrafted basses and guitars. Products, artists, ordering information, and contact information.
Bass Guitars
4 and 5 string bass guitars available with custom electronics.
Phantom Guitarworks
Company builds close versions of the long-discontinued vintage Vox electric bass guitars: the Phantom and Teardrop solid-bodies, and the hollow-body teardrop.
Renaissance Guitars
Guitars and basses designed by Rick Turner. Detailed specifications, prices, and contact information.
Rob Allen Guitars
Semi-acoustic baritone and bass guitars.
Roscoe Bass Guitars
4, 5, 6 and 7 string electric bass guitars.
Sadowsky Guitars
Luthier Roger Sadowsky's custom classic 4 and 5 string bolt-on electric basses.
Shank's String Instruments
Pennsylvania-located acoustic, upright, double bass shop. Repair, restoration, sales and service.
Spector Basses
Official site showcases the full line of instruments manufactured by Stuart Spector.
Stevens Guitars
Solid body electric bass guitars. 4, 5, and 6 string.
Warwick Bass Guitars
Product line and descriptions, accessories, dealers, and prices. In English and German.
Yamaha Guitars and Basses
Product line information, pictures, dealer search, and sound samples.
Zon Guitars
Graphite-neck 4, 5, 6, and 8 string electric bass guitars.
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