The djembe drum, originally from West Africa, is a 20-30 inch tall chalice-shaped wooden drum covered with goat or antelope hide. It is played with bare hands.

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Mamady Keita
Official site of master drummer Mamady Keita. Biography, discography, filmography, and a calendar of events and workshops.
The WAP Pages
West-African Percussion rhythms from Guinea and surrounding countries: notation and soundfiles of about 100 rhythms.
African Drum Rhythms Educational Tools
Online rhythm exchange "S.H.A.R.E."; Notation playback freeware and djembe font to download; Information about instructional books and CDs by Lennart Hallstrom.
Beenhakkers Percussion
Percussion workshops for team building, community building, conferences, celebrations, companies and (big) groups; in Central and Northern Europe.
Cultural Context for Djembe Rhythms
List of rhythms with their background (country, ethnic group, occasion for playing)
Djembe and Mande Music
About the drumming, culture and other musical traditions of the Mande peoples of West Africa, with articles, rhythms, CD liner notes, references, reviews, and links to other sites.
Djembe Boom Boom
Notations of rhythms with some audio samples; Illustrated photo-guide to reskin a djembe.
Djembe Dunun Drumset
Maarten Schepers' website, about his instructional books, traditional rhythms, and drumset adaptations, with sound samples and pictorials. Also offering the Malinke Percussion Discography, and djembe and dunun classes in South of France.
Djembe Secrets
Video lessons for djembe by Tim Irrgang offered as DVDs and workbook, and as on-line membership courses.
Community site with discussion forum, chat, calendar, links, and listings of workshops.
Freelance webdesigner's showcase, with photos and video snippets (requires Flash player or plugin).
Gamton Records / Publishing
Djembe and other world music. With juke-box to listen to samples.
A Guide to the Jembe
Eric Charry's famous article on the history and evolution of the djembe in West Africa.
Hawkdancing African Djembe Drums
Online shop selling African Djembe drums, accessories, and supplies. Offers extensive instructions for repairing and (re)heading a Djembe.
Liewil's Djembe Pages
History of the djembe and the traditional rhythms, CD reviews, book reviews, maintenance tips and photos taken at concerts.
Mailing List Djembe-L @Yahoo
Mailing list dedicated to ongoing development and maintenance of a knowledge base regarding the drum and dance musical culture of West Africa.
Online Resource Guide
An open, and interactive links guide to the on-line djembe community.
Percussion Inibara
Instructions on playing djembe and dununs, re-skinning drums, and i.a. hearing damage, tinnitus and earplugs. Information about the Dutch band Inibara. Partly multilingual.
The Rhythm Reference Project
Audio and video recordings of 50 traditional West African rhythms for purchase, including breaks, djembe and dunun parts.
Rhythms For Djembe And Friends
Some traditional, some new rhythms, notated in several formats (i.a. ASCII, GIF, PNG, PDF, and PS) including sound samples in MIDI, MP3, and OGG and links to other sites.
Rhythmweb Djembe Page
This page on the rhythmweb devoted to the djembe contains a nice selection of information and links to start surfing the web.
S.H.A.R.E. - Server Hosted African Rhythm Exchange
Nice attempt to bring together all djembe rhythm notation sources on the web.
VoyeuRhythmic - African Percussion
Drum (djembe and other) and dance classes in Melbourne, Australia. Biography of the founder.
Vuka Vuka
Website of the French band Vuka Vuka who plays traditional Manding music. Lots of video material on concerts and rehearsals.

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