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All Piano Lessons
Provides qualified piano teachers in the UK and the US. There is an online form to request a new piano teacher if nobody is in the area.
Educational resources for selecting piano teachers, practice tips, recommended books and CDs, and information about new piano music written for children and adults by living composers.
Eroica Music Academy
Provides music teachers and piano lessons in London in two different locations with trained professors, as well as Skype lessons to students all level.
EZ Piano Method
Free online color-coded piano lessons for complete beginners. Color templates, audio and video, backing tracks. Tips on selecting a digital piano or home electronic keyboard.
Information about finding free piano music online. Popular, classical, Christian, Christmas and jazz piano styles.
A free online piano lesson course that focuses on the mechanics of good keyboard playing without relying on music terminology. No note reading required.
Interactive Piano Chord Visualizer
Over 500 piano chord diagrams. Teaches basic to complex piano chords using chord charts, lists, finders, study tools. Also, ear training and sight reading tools.
Layton Music
Free, downloadable games and resources for piano and music teachers. There are popular games modified for music, various types of flash cards, and manipulatives.
Learn Piano by Chords
Teaches a chord-based method for quick learning.
Learning Grand Pianos
About learning to play piano for beginners to more advanced students. Covers buying grand, baby grand and upright pianos and electronic keyboards.
Reviews and ratings by music teachers of selected online piano courses. Also provides articles on piano study and a number of free online piano education videos.
National Piano Foundation
How to choose a piano, the benefits of playing, how to learn to play and the history of the piano.
Online Piano Coach
Piano lessons, tips and resources for beginner pianists.
Piano Chord
For each piano chord (C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B), displays formula, treble-clef staff notation, and piano keys for each of 13 possible voicings (major, minor, diminished, augmented, suspended, 6, minor 6, 7, minor 7, major 7, 9, minor 9, major 9).
Piano Education Page
Piano lesson tips, activities, music, reviews and interviews; for parents, students, teachers and fans of the piano.
Piano Lessons Central
Piano lessons from beginner to advanced. Articles on equipment, training, technique, music theory, and lesson reviews. Free eBook and newsletter.
Piano On the Web
Free online piano tutor with a selection of scores helps to create an individual piano tutor that suits each user´s profile. The open source philosophy welcomes teachers and composer to add contributions. [Requires Scorch music notation plugin from]
Piano Play It
Provides free beginner piano lessons and relevant piano information about accompanying songs, reading sheet music, improving your technique and getting familiar with piano history.
Piano Sight-Reading Practice
Free online grand-staff note sight reading drill: flashcards (flash cards) from beginner to expert. Practice settings for sound, key, range, sharps, flats, ledger lines, octave notation, and labels.
Piano Teachers Federation
A community of piano teachers in Canada, based in Vancouver, whose goal is to promote piano, connect teachers and students, and provide a forum for piano teachers who give lessons.
Piano Tools
Online piano learning tools, including piano flashcards, piano visualization tools and music theory flashcards.
Piano Tricks
Online piano lessons with video and audio examples. Free lessons designed for the absolute beginner to advanced student.
A weblog updated daily about piano playing, piano-related news, jazz piano, music composition, music arrangement, songwriting and mainly anything regarding piano music.
Rainbow Piano Technique
Provides information about a new method to make kids learn how to play piano using colors.
Resonance Connection
Free online piano music reading tutorials on principles of notation and playing including: staves, bars, notes, rhythm, pitch, octaves. Provides some practice music and videos.
South Carolina School of Music
Free online publication by University of South Carolina School of Music. Articles by educators and practitioners on: piano performance and pedagogy, keyboard education and technology, group and collaborative piano.
Piano chord dictionary; discussion forum for techniques, terminology and song requests; guitar to piano tab converter; and a collection of transcribed piano tabs.
Well Prepared Pianist Institute
N. Jane Tan's program to train teachers to teach a curriculum of piano study emphasizing musicianship, keyboard skills, and the ability to work independently.
The Well-Balanced Pianist
Offers programs to improve performance, with seminar details, curriculum outlines, and background information on the teaching methods.
Zebra Keys
Free online piano lessons, interactive tools, sheet music, articles, links, and product reviews. Learn how to play piano using beginner, intermediate and advanced level lessons accompanied by flash animation.

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