The subcategory includes theatre organs (and occasionally theatres as well), theatre organists and theatre organ music.

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ATOS: American Theatre Organ Society
News, history, locations, articles, event calendar, artist directory, and local chapter listings. Not geographically limited to the United States.
Byrd Theatre
Richmond, VA. Theatre history, photos, and schedule. Wurlitzer Opus 1948 4/17 original installation plays Saturdays.
Central Indiana Chapter of ATOS
Concert schedules, CDs, and information for 6 organs in Indiana.
Chicago Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts, Inc.
Information about Chicago area theatre organs and organists, past and present.
COTOS-The Central Ohio Theatre Organ Society
Information on Ohio Theatre Organs. Picture Galleries of ATOS events. Links to Theatre Organ chapters, Theatre Organ artists.
Dairyland Theatre Organ Society
Wisconsin ATOS chapter. History, area organs, calendar, links to members' pages.
Dickinson Theatre Organ Society
Home of 3m/66r Kimball pipe organ. History, concert series, recordings. Wilmington, Delaware.
Eastern Mass Chapter ATOS
Oldest ATOS chapter; listings of public concerts, member events and other theatre organ information.
Kirk of Dunedin Pipe Organ
Dunedin, Florida. 4/100 custom. CDs, concert schedule, and history.
Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society
Lists of concerts and events; local organs; membership information.
Miditzer--A MIDI Theatre Organ
Free software for a virtual Wurlitzer Style 216 on a Windows PC.
Nethercutt Collection
Sylmar, California. Mechanical musical instrument collection features large Wulitzer organ. Visitor information and concert schedule.
Pine Tree Chapter ATOS
Chapter meeting and membership information; photos and history of our Wurlitzer Op. 1634 3/13.
Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society
Local news, concert listing and regional theatre organ history.
Riviera Theatre
North Tonawanda, New York. Monthly concerts on original 3/18 Wurlitzer.
Rochester Theatre Organ Society
Concert schedules, pictures of the two Wurlitzer consoles (4/22 and 3/12) and pipe chambers, 4/22 stoplist, driving directions, and membership information.
Roosevelt Memorial Park
Gardena, California. "Mightiest" Wurlitzer Opus 998 4/17 outdoor installation up to 50" wp. History, spec, pictures.
Scottish Cinema Organ Trust
Glasgow, Scotland. Wurlitzer and Compton events and information. CDs.
Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society
A UK registered charity, whose aim is to preserve and restore theatre organs. STOPS owns Europe's largest Organ Console which controls the HiLSDON organ.
Theatre Organ Home Page
Wide variety of information, buy and sell ads, and many links to other sites.
Theatre Organs Under the Southern Cross
Downloads of theatre organ music. Information about instruments in the Southern Hemisphere and generally.
Traveling Möller
Foort-BBC 5/28 Moller now in Pasadena Civic Auditorium. History and photos.
Virtual Theatre Organ
Information and history of real and virtual theatre organs. MP3s and software downloads.
Walnut Hill
Recordings and information on a virtual theatre organ.
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