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Atelier Marc Ducornet Paris
Harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano construction, restoration, maintenance, tuning and hire.
Barnes, Peter
Making and restoring harpischords since 1974. Photos of instruments for sale.
Beebe, Carey - Harpsichords Australia
Harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano construction, restoration, maintenance, tuning and hire.
Bettenhausen, Fred
Makes copies of antique harpsichords and clavichords in his workshop in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Information about instruments and prices.
Boinnard, David
Maker of Harpsichords, Clavichords, spinets and clavicytherium, in Foucaucourt sur Thabas, France.
Bonza, Augusto
Italian maker and restorer of harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments, including a folding Italian.
Booth, Colin - Harpsichord maker and player
Articles on choosing, making and playing a harpsichord. Instruments made and recordings for sale.
Claviers Baroques - Upper Canada Harpsichords
Builds, sells, rents, tunes, services, transports and repairs harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos and instrument kits.
Colzani, Alberto - harpsichord maker
Construction of harpsichords and spinets from Italian,French,German and English schools.
Daly, Owen
Harpsichords, Clavichords, and Fortepianos.
de Witte, Broer.
Harpsichords, clavichords and pedal clavichords in antique tradition.
Dolmetsch Harpsichords
British Maker with a long history. Catalogue, keyboard links and an article on cedar.
Dudash, Carl
Harpsichord design, construction, decoration and restoration from Norfolk, Conn.
Early Keyboards of Atlanta
Specializing in the sale, repair, construction and restoration of harpsichords, spinets, virginals and clavichords.
Garlick, Andrew
Specialises in French and Flemish harpsichords using authentic materials and period decoration. Somerset, UK.
Harpsichord Clearing House
Makers and dealers of early keyboard instruments: harpsichords, virginals, clavichords, continuo organs.
Hicks, Robert - Harpsichords
Vermont based builder, includes admonishments on maintenance and mp3s
Hubbard Harpsichords
Historically-informed keyboard instruments in finished and kit form. Photos and descriptions of instruments, kit information, books, CDs.
Keith Hill - Instrument Maker
Specialist in the 17th and 18th century Art of Acoustics. Maker and acoustic restorer of harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos and violins working in Manchester, Michigan.
Klop, Henk
Makers of Harpsichords, Spinets, Virginals, Clavichords, Pianofortes and Chamber Organs, in Garderen, NL.
Kottick, Edward: Harpsichord Maker and Author
Agent for Zuckermann Harpsichords in Iowa, lecturer and author of The Harpsichord Owner's Guide.
Kubota, Akira
Harpsichords built mainly after historical Flemish instruments, typically the Ruckers and Couchet family.
Lesurtel, Patrick
Harpsichord maker near Paris, France. Harpsichords after Goujon and Blanchet.
Lim, Henry
An unusual approach to building, but with a noisy action.
Marioni, Roberto
Italian harpsichord maker. Photographs, products and price lists.
Martin P├╝hringer Harpsichords
Austrian maker of harpsichords and clavichords. Restoration and rental service. Description of workshop, details and photographs of instruments, references, discography.
Merzdorf Early Keyboard Instruments
German firm founded in 1920, with instruments found throughout the world. A very extensive offering of instruments. German and English versions.
Michael Johnson Harpsichords
Dorset, UK based maker, with biography, catalogue and photos of various stages of manufacture.
Mitchell, William - Harpsichords
UK and Italy based builder of harpsichords and claviorganum.
Neupert, J.C. - Historical Keyboard Maker
Maker of Harpsichords, Spinets, Fortepianos, and Clavichords in Bamberg, Germany, founded in 1868.
Peters, Jack - Harpsichords
Harpsichord and clavichord builder specializing in lightweight, transportable instruments from authentic designs. Seattle, Washington.
Pfaff, Ambrosius
Maker of harpsichords and clavichords. Piano restorations in Locarno, Czech Republic.
Phillips, John - Harpsichords
Small Berkeley, California shop. Produces instruments based on French, Flemish and Italian prototypes. Harpsichords tuned and repaired. Concert and recording rentals. Tuning service.
Rose, Malcolm - Harpsichords
Sales of instruments, theory book, strings. standard and custom designs.
Self, Gerald - Harpsichords
San Antonio, Texas, builder of harpsichords and clavichords.
Sorli, Steven
Maker of Harpsichords and Lautenwerk, a plucked keyboard instrument with lute strings.
van der Voort, Han
Harpsichord designed and built by an amateur.
van Rossum, Hans
Organ and Harpsichord maker located in Andel, NL.
Will, Byron John
Maker of classical harpsichords and clavichords since 1975.
William Horn
Custom building, repair and restoration of harpsichords, spinets, virginals, clavichords, fortepianos, and claviorgans.
Winkler, Alan
Boston-area builder of harpsichords and clavichords. Description of the design and construction process, instrument gallery with descriptions and rental instrument information.
Zuckermann Harpsichords International
Custom instruments signed 'D. Jacques Way'.

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