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Personal sites that explain, perhaps with examples, various aspects of computer music, or feature unusual usages of computer music, for example, in an opera. Coverage of computer software and hardware employed is usually expected.
Able Lemon
Scott Hewitts PhD site regarding the Laptop as an Ensemble Instrument
Alexey Lukin
Audio DSP developer for iZotope Inc. Reviews of audio dithering algorithms. Articles on theory of digital audio.
Bernhard Loibner
Electronic music, sound design, programming and audio-visual content creation.
A Compilable Implementation of Xenakis' Fortran Source Code
Fortran source code by Iannis Xenakis, compilable on a modern machine with a Fortran 95 compiler.
Craig Latta
A composer and a computer scientist, author of 'Netjam' (a network music collaboration software).
Davide Morelli
musician, composer, software developer and artificial intelligence researcher
Digital Music Recording
Weblog for musicians and sound engineers interested in creating music using computers and pro audio tools.
Fredrik Olofsson
A passionate music researcher and software developer
GarageBand for Windows
This weblog explores the products that may work as a suitable Windows replacement for GarageBand (music software running on Macintosh only). Test results and initial impressions of MixCraft, Sony Acid and other products.
The Guitar Blog
A site for guitarists including recommendations for recording software, guitar lessons and computer recording techniques and computer recording gear reviews. Pure-data Abstractions/Patches
PD programming patches for interactive music applications.
Peter Plessas
Musician, audio engineer, student at the IEM Graz
Phill Phelps
an electro-acoustic musician from Bristol, UK
Scott R. Garrigus
Music technology news, articles, downloads, reviews, tips and tutorials for home recording and professional musicians!
Spiridonov's Experiments in Musical Stupidity
Algorithmic composition. A synthesizer program and a few MP3 samples are available.
Tim Thompson
MIDI and MP3 compositions, KeyKit algorithmic music software, and interactive web-based music generation toys.
Tom Erbe
studio director, lecturer in computer music
Trevor Henthorn
A musician and a music researcher working at the music department at the University of California, San Diego
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