Giuseppe Tartini (1692 - 1770) was born in Piran, Istria (Slovenia). His later life centered around his adopted town of Padova (Padua), Veneto, Italy. His parents planned for him a church career but he wanted otherwise and studied to be a lawyer. At the same time, he became a skilled fencer and also honed his already formidable musical abilities. Tartini developed into one of the first truly virtuoso violinists, a first-rate composer, and a musical theorists whose work has influenced musicians and composers ever since.

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Classical Archives: Giuseppe Tartini
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Giuseppe Tartini
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Giuseppe Tartini
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Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)
Biographical background including his struggles to be and remain married, noted compositional and theoretical works, and a selected discography for LP and CD.
Ornamentation in Giusseppe Tartini's Traité des Agréments
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Tartini, Giuseppe
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