A minimalist composer of percussion music, Steve Reich was born in New York 1936 and raised there and in California.

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Steve Reich
Official site. Biography, news, discography, works, articles, concerts, sound files, and "Three Tales" a documentary digital video.
An Interview with Steve Reich
Transcript from the Minnesota Public Radio program American Mavericks involving a conversation with Gabrielle Zuckerman.
Steve Reich
Detailed biography, photograph, links, and recommended recordings from the Classical Net Basic Repertoire List.
Steve Reich
Filmography information noting his compositional and writing credits with biographical information from the Internet Movie Database.
Steve Reich
Wikipedia entry with detailed biographical and musicological information including notable works, links, and internal references to related people and topics.
Steve Reich
Analysis and commentary by persussionist Malcolm Ball including Reich's influence on his own work.
Steve Reich
Interview from 1999 by Marc Weidenbaum focusing on the album Reich Remixed. Published in Disquiet in 2004.
Steve Reich
Article that originally appeared in EST #3, and also appears in slightly different form in Roger Sutherland's book, "New Perspectives in Music"
Steve Reich Interview
From broadcast of radio program Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Real Audio RAM format, 28.8k and ISDN speeds.
Steve Reich: Early Tape Pieces
Conversation with Jason Gross which grew out of research for the book OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music. Includes photograph.
Steve Reich: Minimalism
Excerpt from a 1993 book by Edward Strickland focusing on this defining aspect of his work.
Steve Reich: Violin Phase
Flash-powered illustration of an excerpt showing overlapping audio signals.
Talking Music: Steve Reich
Conversation with William Duckworth excerpted from a Schirmer book.

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