Italian Late Renaissance composer Don Carlo Gesualdo (c. 1560-1613), prince of Venosa and nephew of Cardinal (Saint) Charles Borromeo, is remembered not only for his great compositional skills but also for ordering the murder of his adulterous wife and her lover. Beginning in a rather conservative fashion, his later works were chromatic and sensual, evoking comparisons to Wagner, whom he preceded by over 200 years.

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Don Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, Count of Conza (1561 - 1613)
Biography extolling the power of his music and the shame and sorrow of his personal life with bibliography and notes. By Rocco Brancati, reprinted by MusicWeb.
Carlo Gesualdo
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Carlo Gesualdo
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Carlo Gesualdo
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Gesualdo, Carlo (c. 1560 - 1613), Italy
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