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Dan Welcher: Composer
(1948- ) Rochester, New York. Picture, biography, works, recordings, samples, and reviews.
Wade, Simon
Includes biography, link to the Australian Music Centre, list of works and recordings.
Wagner, Adrian
(1952- ), Kent, England. Picture, biography, and CDs.
Wagstaff, Julian
(1970- ), Edinburgh, Scotland. Personal website presenting biography, information on music with audio clips, forthcoming concerts, and contact details.
Wain, Gary
(1958- ), New Zealand. Biography and published editions.
Waisvisz, Michel
Performer and inventor/pioneer of live electronic music. Short biography.
Waitzman, Daniel
Also flutist and music engraver. Picture and short biography.
Walczyk, Kevin
Picture, biography, and list of compositions.
Waldo, Elisabeth
Indigenous composer, violinist, songwriter, producer, and conductor.
Walker, Allan
(1955- ), Australia. Short biography.
Walker, Gwyneth
(1947- ) Picture, biography, works, recordings, upcoming events, audio files, essays, articles, reviews, and performers gallery.
Wallace, Stewart
(1960- ), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Picture, biography, upcoming events, and compositions.
Wallach, Joelle
Photographs, biography, list of works, recordings with audio files, and program notes.
Wallfisch, Benjamin
Born and works in the UK. Short biography.
Walters, Andrew
(1967- ), Topeka, KS. Short biography.
Walz, Aaron
Compositions including video game music.
Warren, Elinor Remick
Broke the gender barrier by becoming a celebrated composer of serious music at a time when males dominated the field. Includes catalog, discography, centenary, reviews, recordings available in Real Audio or MP3 format, and bibliography.
Waschka, Rodney
Short biography, discography, compositions, publishers, scholarly articles and poetry.
Waters, Becky
(1958- ) Biography, publications and commissions, and projects.
Waters, Joseph
(1952- ), Jackson, Michigan. Picture, biography, program notes, music sample, and list of compositions.
Watson, Chris
(1976- ), Tauranga, New Zealand. Picture, biography, and selected works with sound files.
Webb, John
(1969- ), London, UK. Picture, short biography, selected works.
Webb, Peter
(1948- ) Melbourne, Australia. Picture and list of works and recordings.
Weber, Mark
Picture, biography, projects, catalog, press, awards, and sound files.
Weinbaum, Batya
Short biography, article with music examples "Making Music with Matriarchal Consciousness," Real Audio example of her music, and pictures.
Weinstein, Robert
Picture, biography, and sound files.
Weiser, Mark L
Picture, biography, compositions with sound files, and press.
Weixler, Andreas
(1963- ), Graz, Austria. Picture, studies, lectures and workshops, contemporary arts and composition (some of these links are in German), developments/software/tools, management, awards, artist in residence, promotions and links.
Wellejus, Henning
(1919- ), Denmark. Picture, short biography.
Wells, Jessica
Short biography, list of works and recordings.
Wells, John
(1948- ), Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK. Picture, short biography and selected works, from sounz.
Wellspring, Barbara
Picture, biography, and compositions, from Kalvos and Damian.
Werder, Felix
(1922- ), Berlin Germany. Short biography, list of works and recordings.
Wesley-Smith, Martin
(1945- ), Adelaide, Australia. Picture, short biography, list of works and recordings.
West, William
Biography, recordings, compositions, photograph, and performances. Download and streaming audio in MP3 and RM formats.
Westendorf, Lynette
Includes biography, list of compositions, publications, recordings, reviews, and affiliations.
Westheimer, Cody
Biography, music, and credits.
Westlake, Nigel
(1958- ), Australia. Picture, short biography, list of works and recordings.
Weston, Craig
Picture, short biography, recordings, program notes and recent pieces.
Wetters, Brent
Compositions, projects and personal page.
Whalen, Michael
Picture, biography, latest film scores, and audio and video files.
Wheeler, Tony
(1958- ), New Zealand. Picture, short biography.
Whiffin, Lawrence
(1930- ), Melbourne, Australia. Picture and biography.
White, Barbara
Biography, performances, and audio and video.
White, Frances
(1960- ). Short biography, upcoming performances and artistic statement.
White, John
(1936- ), Berlin, Germany. Picture, short biography and list of compositions.
Whitehead, Gillian Karawe
(1941- ), Hamilton, New Zealand. Picture, short biography and list of works.
Whiticker, Michael
(1954- ), Gundagai, New South Wales. Picture. biography, and list of works and recordinigs.
Whittaker, Anthony
Composer, conductor, pianist and organist. Staff member at the School of Performing Arts at Liverpool Community College.
Whitty, Paul
Born in Lisburn, Co.Antrim. Picture, biography, performances and selected works.
Wiedemann, Joe
Music for film, television and video. Biography, credits, and sound files.
Wierzbicki, James
Composer, musicologist, and author. Faculty page at University of Michigan.
Wilby, Philip
(1949- ), Pontrefact, UK. Short biography.
Wilding-White, Ray
List of works.
Wilhoit, Frank
Includes scores and audio renderings.
Wilkins, Caroline
(1953- ), England. Picture, short biography, list of works and recordings.
Willcock, Christopher
(1947- ), Sydney, New South Wales. Picture, short biography and list of works.
Willcocks, Jonathan
(1953- ), Worchester, England. Picture, short biography, list of works, contact and reviews.
Williams, Adrian
(1956- ), Watford, England. Picture, biography, news, reviews, catalogs of his music, listening and contact.
Williamson, Malcolm
(1931- ), Sydney, New South Wales. Picture, short biography, and list of works and recordings.
Wills, Arthur
(1926-). Short biography, critical reception, recordings, musical tracks, catalog of works and contact information.
Wilsmore, Robert
(1967- ), Worcester, England. Picture, short biography, pages of music in PDF and selected works.
Wilson, Andrew
(1951- ). Short biography, list of works and recordings.
Wilson, Ian
(1964- ), Belfast, Ireland. Picture, short biography, performances, discography, concert reviews and CD reviews.
Wilson, James
(1922- ), London, England. Picture, short biography and selected works.
Wilson, Malcolm C
(1962- ), Dunblane, Scotland. Professional profile, personal profile, and contact information.
Wilson, Marion
(1915- ), Sydney, New South Wales. Short biography, and list of works and recordings.
Wilson, Olly
(1937- ), St. Louis, Missouri. Short biography and picture.
Wilson, Sandy
Wilson, Stanley
Includes biography, and article.
Wilson, Thomas
(1927-2001), Scotland. Obituary from the Guardian.
Winston-Fletcher, Colin
Composer for television and documentary film. Includes his CV and samples of his music.
Winteregg, Steven
Brief biography and works from the New Music USA.
Wiprud, Theodore
(1958- ), Washington, D.C. Picture, biography, bibliography, catalog, sound files, and performances.
Wishart, Peter
Biography and works, from Stainer and Bell.
Wishart, Trevor
(1946- ). CDs.
Witney, Paul
Picture, biography, free scores and music samples.
Witzmann, Thomas
(1958- ), Coburg, Germany. Picture, short biography, discography and catalog of works.
Wold, Erling
Works include opera and other music for instruments, voices, dance and film. Complete works, recordings, upcoming performances, press and biography.
Wolf, Daniel
Includes biography and list of works.
Wolfe, Joe
List of compositions, some scores, some sound files.
Wolfgang, Gernot
Picture, biography, concert music, film and TV music, jazz, and events.
Wolfram, Mark
Picture, biography, sound files, CD reviews, and projects.
Wolman, Amnon
(1955- ) Short biography and recordings. [Requires flash]
Wood, Christoher
Short biography.
Wood, Hugh
(1932- ), Parbold, Lancashire, England. Details of his education, compositions and musical style.
Wood, Philip
(1972- ), Leeds, England. Picture and biography with discussions of his music.
Wood, Steven
(1959- ), Sydney, Australia. Picture, short biography with discussion of his musical philosophy, and list of works and recordings.
Woof, Barbara
(1958- ), Sydney, Australia. Picture, short biography, and list of works and recordings.
Woolf, Randall
Born in Detroit, Michigan. Picture, short biography and description of "My Insect Bride."
Worby, David
About, news, and projects.
Worrall, David
(1954- ), Newcastle, Australia. Biography and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Wright, David C. F.
(1946- ), Isle of Wight. Short biography and list of biographies and articles he has written.
Wright, Maurice
(1949- ). Biographical data, CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, link to his home page and links to biographical essays from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
Wright, Maurice
(1949- ), Virginia. Picture, biography, list of works, and recordings.
Wynne, David
Biography and study of his works by Dr. David C. F. Wright for Classical Music on the Web,
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