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Sachal, Christoph
(1980- ), Germany. Picture, résumé, albums, and sound files.
Salzedo, Leonard
(1921-2000), London, England. Pictures, biography, works, and recordings with some sound files.
Sande, Jim
FAQ, events, CDs, MIDI and MP3 files, and animations with sound.
Sandoval, Carlos
(1956- ), Mexico City, Mexico. Resume, events, music, and writings.
Sandred, Örjan
(1964- ) Sound files, biography, and works.
Sansom, Chris
Biography and works.
Santos, Erik
Picture and biography.
Sargon, Simon
(1938- ), Bombay, India. Biography.
Sartor, David P.
Composer of symphonic and chamber works. Biography, compositions, and news.
Sawyer, Eric
Biography, music, and concerts.
Schafer, R. Murray
(1933- ), Sarnia, Ontario. Picture and biography.
Schell, Michael
(1961- ), Waco, Texas. Composer and intermedia artist. Picture and biography.
Schifrin, Lalo
(1932- ), Argentina. Biography, appearances, CDs, works, and discography.
Schindler, Allan
(1944- ), Stamford, Connecticut. Biography, list of compositions, and curriculum vitae.
(1960- ), Works, audio and video samples, biography, and news. Resides in Vienna.
Schlünz, Annette
(1964- ) Biography from Boosey and Hawkes.
(1976- ). Biography, MP3 clips, score excerpts, and pictures.
Schroeder, Carl
(1982- ), Minneapolis, Minnesota. Biography, list of works, CDs, sound files, and performance calendar.
Schulze, Andrew
Picture, interview with himself, and compositions, from Kalvos and Damian.
Schwabe, Jonathan Clarke
Picture, biography, list of works, and sample score pages.
Schweinitz, Wolfgang von
Picture, biography, and worklist, from Boosey and Hawkes.
Schwendinger, Laura Elise
(1962- ), Mexico City, Mexico. Picture, biography, works, and resume.
Scurria, Amy
(1973- ) Includes biography, list of works, and sound samples.
Seitz, Paul
(1951- ), Racine, Wisconsin. Picture, biography, performances, and compositions.
Serter, Jane
Picture and biography from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Setrakian, Setrak
(1938- ), Aleppo, Lebanon. Pictures, curriculum vitae, and sound file.
Seward, Philip
Picture, biography, performances, and works.
Sfetsas, Kyriakos
(1945- ), Amfilochia, Greece. Biography, works, scores, discography, and photographs.
Shakhidi, Tolib
Biography, discography, music samples, and comments.
Shapero, Harold
Biography and picture.
Shapiro, Alex
(1962- ), New York City. Composer of lyrical and rhythmic chamber music. Picture, biography, list of works, and concerts.
Sharpe, Carlyle
(1965- ), Brownsville, Texas. Picture, biography, compositions and sound files, publications and performances, broadcasts, reviews, and recordings.
Shaw, Geoffrey
Works from Music Sales Classical.
Shchetynsky, Alexander
(1960- ) Ukrainian composer. Biography and list of works.
Shepherd, Sean
Biography, sound clips, and concert information.
Sherlock, John Mark
List, biography, and curriculum vitae.
Sherman, Norman
Picture, biography, compositions, CDs, audio files, interview, and reviews.
Sherr, Laurence
Picture, biography, performances, and compositions including audio excerpts.
Shih Hoh, Chung
Biography, projects, work in progress, and performances.
Shinohara, Makoto
(1931- ), Osaka, Japan. Short biography.
Shiu, Kawai
Biography, list of works, discography, and sound files.
Shoot, Vladislav
(1941- ),Vosnesensk, Russia. Biography, selected list of works, and discography, from The Living Composers Project.
Shrapnel, Hugh
(1947- ), Birmingham, England. Biography and list of works, from the Experimental Music Catalogue.
Shulman, Alan
(1915-2002), Baltimore, Maryland. Includes picture, biography, works, and discography.
Siegel, Aaron
(1977- ) Biography, compositions, installations, performances, and recordings.
Siegel, Wayne
(1953- ), Los Angeles, California. Picture, biography, events, list of works, recordings, and writings.
Sierra, Arlene
Biography, list of works, and sound samples.
Silva, David Nunes da
(1950- ) Works.
Silveira, Guillermo
(1959- ), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Picture, biography, video and sound files, works, and performances.
Silverman, Adam B.
(1973- ). Director of the Minimum Security Composers Collective. Biography, list of works, news, and music samples.
Silverman, Faye-Ellen
Composer of contemporary classical music with an emphasis on form and color. Biography and works from New Music USA.
Simpson, Robert
(1921-1997) Includes biography, catalog of works, discography, bibliography, and calendar of performances.
Singleton, Alvin
(1940- ), Brooklyn, New York. Picture, biography, and sound files, from Other Minds.
Skrowaczewski, Stanislaw
(1923- ), Lwów, Poland. Biography, and manuscripts at USC, from the Polish Music Center at the University of Southern California.
Sleeper, Thomas M.
(1956- ), United States. Picture, biography, compositions, and recordings.
Slon (Slonczewski), Craig
Selected works and reviews.
Small, Haskell
Picture, biography, selected reviews, and selected works, from Jeffrey James Arts Consulting.
Smit, Leo
(1921-1999) Picture, biography, and works list.
Smith Brindle, Reginald
(1917- ), Cuerdon, near Preston, England. Biography by David C. F. Wright.
Smith, Dave
(1949- ), England. Picture, biography, and recordings, from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Smith, Hale
Biography of the African American composer, pianist and professor.
Smith, J. B.
Percussionist, teacher and composer. Includes biography, discography, compositions, repertoire and photography gallery.
Smith, Kile
Picture, biography, reviews, and list of works.
Smith, Linda Catlin
(1957- ), New York City. Picture, biography, works, and recordings.
Smith, Richard
Picture and biography, from the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers.
Smith, Rob
Picture, biography, and compositions.
Smith, Robert Edward
Biography, music, and sound files.
Smith, Russell
(1927-1998) Picture, biography, awards and haonos, publications, and catalog.
Smith, Stephen
Picture and biography, from Kalvos and Damian.
Smolka, Martin
(1959-), Prague, Czech Republic. Official Site including biography, list of works, discography, filmography, news, contact details. [Czech, English, German, Polish]
So, Mark
(1978- ), Syracuse, New York. Picture, biography, essay, and sound files.
Solomons, David W
Includes music in MIDI, MP3 and real audio formats.
Solomons, David W
Sound files.
Solomons, David W.
(1953- ), Oxford, England. Picture, biography, and links, from Kalvos and Damian.
Soluri, Patrick
Includes catalogue, performance schedule and reviews.
Sommer , Lesley
Picture and biography from Non Sequitur Music.
Sommer, Ben
Compositions (scores and MP3 files).
Sonami, Laetitia
(1957- ), France. Pictures, biography, and sound file from Other Minds.
Spiegel, Laurie
Picture, composing, list of works, and discography.
Sprague, Frank Lee
Biography, music, interview.
Sproul, Glenn
Picture and compositions, from Klavos and Damian.
Stachowski, Marek
(1946- ), Piekary Sląskie, Poland. Biography and list of works, from the USC Polish Music Center.
Stahl, Julius
(1978- ) Sound and media artist. Information on works, events, news and contact.
Stahnke, Manfred
(1951- ), Kiel, Germany. Picture, biography, compositions, publications, and discography. (English, German)
Stanhope, David
(1952- ) Composer for wind band. Biography, CDs, and compositions.
Stefanuk, Misha V.
Contains links, audio files, resume, and composition list.
Steiger, Rand
1957- ), New York City. Picture, biography, compositions, and discography.
Steinke, Gunter
(1956- ) Picture, biography, and worklist, from Boosey and Hawkes.
Stephens, Michael
Sound files.
Stevens, David
(1952- ), Leicester, England. Pictures, biography, and works, from Kalvos and Damian.
Stevens, Gavin
(1962- ), Chichester, West Sussex, England. Picture, biography, and recent works, from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Stevens, Gillian
(1948- ), Cambridge, England. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Stevens, James
(1923- ), England. Biography and selected works, from MusicWeb.
Stewart, Don
(1935- ), Illinois. Picture, sound files, biography, and selected works, from Kalvos and Damian.
Stiles, Frank
(1924- ), London, England. Picture, biography, and works, from Impulse.
Stoker, Richard
(1938- ), Csstleford, Yorkshire, England. Picture, biography, sound files, and discography, from impulse.
Stoll, David
Picture and biography.
Stollery, Pete
(1960- ), Halifax, United Kingdom. Biography, and selected works, from The Livivng Composers Project.
Stolyar, Roman
(1967- ), Novosibirsk, Russia. Includes biography, complete list of works, collaborations, events and links.
Stone, Carl
Picture, biography, performances, and works.
Story, Tim
Grammy-nominated composer based in Maumee, Ohio. Biography, discography and contact information.
Stouffer, Paul M.
(1916- ). Picture, and biography.
Straebel, Volker
Includes writings on contemporary music, sound art, sound installation, performance art, and electronic music.
Sublette, Ned
(1951- ), Lubbicj, Texas. Biography and discography, from Lovely Music.
Sumera, Lepo
(1950-2000) Biography and selected works, from the Estonian Music Information Centre.
Sung, Stella
Picture, news, music, reviews and biography.
Surinach, Carlos
(1915-1997), Barcelona, Spain. Includes biography, key works, reviews, and obituary.
Susman, William
Pictures, biography, works, sound files, and reviews.
Sutton, Lindsey D.
Includes information on the composer/pianist.
Svensson, Martin
(1978- ) Trelleborg, Sweden. Biography, sound files, list of works, and links.
Sviridov, Georgy
(1915-1998) Biography and recordings.
Svoboda, Tomas
Czech-American contemporary composer and pianist (b.1939). Includes streaming audio, downloadable sheet music samples, excerpts from latest cd recordings, published works list, and biography.
Swack, Irwin
Picture, biography and works from the New Music USA.
Swearingen, James
Includes schedule of appearances, list of published works, news, tips, and biographical information.
Sweeney, Eric
(1948- ), Dublin, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Synnott, Andrew
(1970- ), Co. Meath, Ireland. Biography from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Szalonek, Witold
(1927-2001) Biography and list of works, from the USC Polish Music Center.
Szymañski, Pawel
(1954- ), Warsaw, Poland. Picture, biography, and list of works, from the USC Polish Music Center.
Söll, Burkhardt
(1944- ), Marienberg Westerwald, Germany. Picture, biography, and CDs.
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