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Rabushka, Aaron
Picture, and biography.
Radigue, Eliane
Sound files, biography, and selected works, from Kalvos and Damian.
Raes, Godfried-Willem
(1952- ), Ghent, Belgium. Picture, biography essays, list of works, and discography.
Rahn, John
Biography and list of compositions.
Raksin, David
(1912- 2004), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Biography of this film composer.
Rankine, Peter
Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Rapsys, Ryan
(1980- ) Biography, works, performances, and audio files.
Rathbun, Andrew
Jazz composer and saxophonist. Pictures, biography, recordings, and reviews.
Read, Martin
Picture, biography, sound file, and selected works, from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Read, Thomas L.
(1938- ), Erie, Pennsylvania. Sound files, picture, biography, and selected compositions, from Kalvos and Damian.
Reale, Paul
(1943- ), New Jersey. Sound files, events, scores, biography, and works.
Rees, Stephen
(1968- ), United Kingdom. Film and television composer. Picture, biography, credits, and audiofiles.
Rehnqvist , Karin
(1957- ), Stockholm, Sweden. Picture, biography, list of works, and recordings.
Reilly, Jack
Jazz pianist and composer. Picture, biography, compositions, reviews, CDs and books.
Reiners, Paul
Compositions and information on algorithmic music composition and Just Intonation.
Reise, Jay
(1950- ), New York City. Picture biography, sound files, and compositions.
Reisinger, Billy
(1978- ) Music downloads, portfolio, and vita.
Rennert, Uli
(1960- ), Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Includes news, photographs, CD information, and biography.
Resanovic, Nikola
(1955- ), Derby, England. Picture, biography, news, and works.
Reynolds, Belinda
Picture and biography, from Common Sense Composers.
Reynolds, Darcy
Picture, biography, and reviews.
Reynolds, Peter
(1958- ), England. Picture, biography, sound files, and selected works.
Rhoads, William
(1966- ), Coney Island, New York. Biography and selected works, from the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers.
Rhodes, David
Compositions with some sound files.
Rhodes, Phillip
(1940- ) Biography, picture, works, sound files, and CDs.
Ricketson, Damien
(1973- ),Wollongong, Australia. Biography and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Riddell, Alistair
(1955- ), Melbourne, Australia. Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Riisager, Knudåge
Picture, work list , discography, and performances, from Edition Wilhelm Hansen.
Ring, Gordon
Picture, biography, list of works, and reviews.
Rivera, Carlos Rafael
(1970- ), Washington, D.C. Biography, compositions, recordings, videos, and books.
Roberts. Michael T.
(1978- ) Biography, news, projects, and audio files.
Robertson, Don
Founder of the Positive Music Movement. Includes FAQs, essays and articles, MP3s, and a description of DoveSong and the Positive Music Archives.
Robinson, Bill
(1955- ), Denton, Texas. Biography, physics, pictures, recumbent trikes, Hinduism (Neem Karoli Baba).
Robinson, Michael
Composer of music inspired by the ancient raga form. CDs, sound files, writings, interviews, articles and reviews, and photographs, from Azure Miles Records.
Rockmaker, Jody
(1961- ), New York City. Picture, biography, and list of compositions.
Rodgers, Sarah
Picture, biography, list of works recordings, and reviews, from Impulse.
Rodríguez, Robert X.
(1946- ), San Antonio, Texas. Includes biography, notes, articles, and reviews, from Music Sales Classical.
Roessingh, Karel
Film and television composer. Picture, biography, film and television scores, audio files, and news.
Rogers, John Fitz
(1963- ) Works, biography, and discography.
Rogers, Wayland
(1941- ), Kentucky. Composer and conductor. Picture, biography, and list of works with sound files.
Roman, Dan
(1974- ), San Juan, Puerto Rico. Biography, list of works, and contact information.
Romig, James
(1971- ) Biography, curriculum vitae, photographs, works, score samples, and sound files.
Roper, William
Los Angeles based tubaist and composer. Includes biography, list of works, and information about his "Poem for Emmett Till."
Rosa, Clotilde
(1930- ), Queluz, Portugal. Composer/harpist/teacher. Picture, musical biography, chronology, catalog of works, and discography.
Rose, Adrian
Includes music downloads, biography, news and links
Rose, Louise
(1948- ) Picture, biography, CDs, events, and musings.
Rosenbloom, David
List of works, discography, sound files, and reviews.
Rosenblum, Mathew
(1954- ), New York City. Picture, reviews/biography, compositions, and discography.
Rosener, Arnold
(1945- ) An Interview with Bruce Duffie.
Rosenzweig, Morris
Picture, biography, catalog, recordings, honors, reviews, and program notes.
Ross, Clark
(1957- ), Maracaibo, Venezuela. Biography and works.
Ross, Walter
Picture, biography, and list of works.
Roumain, Daniel Bernard
Biography, recordings, news and notes, and photographs.
Routley, Nicholas
Biography and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Rubenstein, David
Semi-classical, cinematic-style original MIDI music compositions. Includes a biography and MIDI FAQs--A Very Basic Primer.
Rubin, Justin
(1971- ) Picture, biography, and catalog of works.
Rubtsov, Andrey
(1982- ), Moscow, Russia. First oboe of the Russian National Orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev. Compositions, mp3 recordings to download, and sheet music.
Ruders, Poul
(1949- ), Ringsted, Denmark. Biography, News, works, CDs, reviews, and picture gallery.
Rudolph, Adam
(1955- ), Chicago, Illinois. Picture, biography, reviews, performances, and discography.
Rudziñski, Witold
(1913- ), Siebiez, Russia. Picture, biography, and list of works, from the USC Polish Music Center.
Ruehr, Elena
Picture and biography, from Kalvos and Damian.
Ruggiero, Charles H.
(1947- ), Bridgeport, Connecticut. Picture, biography, compositions, and recordings.
Rulon, Bryan
(1954- ), Indiana. Biography, list of works, and discography, from The Living Composers Project.
Rush, Stephen J.
Picture and biography.
Rutkowski, Chris
Biography, works,reviews, news, and resume.
Ryan, Jeffrey
(1962- ), Toronto, Canada. Picture, biography, list of works, and projects and performances.
Rydman, Kari
(1936- ), Helsinki, Finland. Picture, biography, and works.
Rütti, Carl
(1949- ), Zug, Switzerland. Picture, biography, CDs, worklist, articles.
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