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macCormac, Sylvi
Picture, reviews/comments, music/words/film, events, theatre, and awards.
MacDermot, Galt
Official home page of the composer of Hair, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Cotton Comes to Harlem. Interview (RealAudio).
Machajdik, Peter
Picture, sounds, biography, and list of works.
Mackey, John
(1973- ), New Philadelphia, Ohio. Composer of music for ballet, modern dance, and concert music. MP3s, score samples, and program notes.
Mackey, Steve
Picture, discography, compositions, performances, and sound files.
MacMorran, Jim
Biography from IMDb.
Macé, Pierre-Yves
Works, discography, news, and downloads.
Maddeford, Lee
Works and sound files.
Makan, Keeril
Picture, biography, and music.
Manion, Michael
(1952- ), Grand Rapids, Michigan. Includes picture, biography, and list of works.
Mann, Ted
Sound design, composition, biography, and pictures.
Mansfield, Ernie
Includes recordings, compositions, performances, and information on services for music publication.
Mantler, Michael
(1943-) Classical and jazz fields. Includes news, detailed biography, recordings, scores, performances, press releases, contacts, collaborating artists, and photograph. [English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Dansk.]
Marcellino, Raffaele
Picture, biography, projects, catalog, and sound files.
Sound files.
Margeirsson, Veigar
(1972- ), Iceland. Composed, arranged and performed for television, radio and various recordings in Iceland.
Marquez, Arturo
(1950- ), Alamos, Sonora-Mexico. Biography.
Marshall, Pamela J.
(1954-) News, catalog, and music reference.
Martus, Darien
Biography, list of works, review quotes, education and awards as well as contact information.
Marty, Eric
(1969- ). Québec, Canada. Biography, works list, scores, audio, curriculum vitae, photo, contact information.
Martín, Jorge
Picture, biography, news, and sound files.
Mascari, Ed
(1949- ) Compositions and resume.
Maske, Dan
(1971- ), West Allis, Wisconsin. Biography, list of works, recordings, and sound files.
Maslanka, David
(1943- ), New Bedford, MA, U.S. Includes biography, photographs, discography, and repertory.
Mason, Benedict
Biography, works, and discography.
Massella, Thomas
(1952- ) Picture, biography, sound files, and works, from Kalvos and Damian.
Matchett, Steve
(1957- ) Facebook profile includes discography and music samples.
Matey, Christopher
(1972- ), Toronto, Canada. Biography.
Matheson, James
(1970- ) Picture, biography, and list of works, from Bofa Music Publishing.
Mathias, William
(1934-1992), Whitland, Dyfed, England. Picture, biography, works, discography, and program notes, from Oxford University Press.
Mauldin, Michael
(1947- ), Port Arthur, Texas. Includes picture, biography, catalogue of works, discography, fan mail, sound clips and writings.
Maute, Matthias
(1963- ), Ebingen, Germany. Biography from Musicalics.
Mawby, Colin
(1936- ) Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Mayo, Kevin
(1964- ), Stirling, Scotland. Includes picture, and biography.
Mayrand, Alain
Information on the composer.
Mayzus, Ilya
Contains downloadable mp3 files and short bio.
Mazzoli, Mario
(1978- ) Modena, Italy. News, list of works, and sound files.
McAuliffe, Mary
(1947- ), Cork, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
McCullough, Donald
(1951- ) Pictures, biography, choral compositions and arrangements, and recordings.
McFaul, Thomas G.
Picture, biography, and sound files.
McFerron, Mike
Includes biography, list of works, links, and samples of his works.
McGarity, Kristi
Biography, compositions, and links.
McGlynn, Michael
(1964- ), Dublin, Ireland. Picture, biography and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
McKinley, William Thomas
(1938- ), New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Biography from G. Schirmer.
McLachlan, John
(1964- ), Dublin, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
McLeod, John
Pictures, biography, performances, catalog, discography, and sound files.
McNabb, Michael
Picture, biography, list of works, performances, recordings, and reviews.
McNeil, Pat
(1971- ), Canada. Biography, list of works, sound files, and writings.
McTee, Cindy
(1953- ), Tacoma, Washington. Picture, biography, compositions, and news.
Meijering, Cord
(1955- ), Esens, Germany. The Dutch composer, living in Darmstadt Germany, studied with Hans Werner Henze. He composed scores for opera, orchestra, ballet, film, chamber ensembles, choir, and solo instruments.
Melby, John
(1941- ), Whitehall, Wisconsin. Includes picture, biography, list of works, and discography.
Mellits, Marc
Biography from Common Sense Composers.
Biography, news, works, and pictures.
Meneely-Kyder, Sarah
Composer specializing in 20th century American and cross cultural composition and performance. Biography and picture.
Mercury, Mark
Includes music samples and articles about albums, scores, credits, current and recent projects.
Michaels, Elan
Spiritual healing music in MPEG format free for personal use only. Native American influenced music.
Mier, Shirley Hamilton
Picture, biography, curriculum vitae, and news and events.
Mikkelsen, Dwight Bernard
Biography, music, articles, reviews, and photographs.
Mills, Alan
(1964- ), Belfast, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Mills, Richard
(1949- ), Australia. Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Milo, Leon
(1956- ) Biography and works, from Leisure Planet Music.
Milstein, Silvina
(1956- ), Buenos Aires. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Miranda, Eduardo Reck
Composer of electronic music. Compositions, research, and publications.
Mitchell, John
(1941- ), Hollywood, California. Composer of art songs, operas and choral music. Short biography, catalog of complete works, lyrics and MP3 files of selected songs, sample scores, and list of poets with links.
Miwa, Masahiro
(1958- ), Tokio, Japan. Picture and biography, from Kalvos and Damian.
Mobberley, James
Picture and biography.
Moe, Eric
Biography, compositions, discography, and reviews.
Monro, Gordon
Picture, biography, compositions, performances, recordings and writings.
Montalto, Richard
Picture, biography, and resume including a list of works.
Montsalvatge, Xavier
(1912- ), Spain. Includes biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays, from Steven G. Estrella.
Moore, Keith
(1970- ), Urbana, Illinois. Picture, biography, and compositions, from Kalvos and Damian.
Moorefield, Virgil
Biography, compusitions, sound files, and writing.
Morduhovich, Alexandr
(1946- ), Zlatoust, Russia. Biography, compositions, and discography.
Morgan, Nigel
Recent scores, current projects, and overview.
Morneau, David
Current projects.
Morris, David
(1964- ), Victoria, Australia. Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Morris, David
(1948- ), London, England. Picture biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Morris, Robert D.
(1943- ), Cheltenham, England. Picture, biography, list of works, list of writings, and an interview.
Moss, Lawrence
Picture, brief biography and works from the New Music USA.
Motalla, Flavio
The official site for the composer of orchestral, chamber and film work.
Mueller, Henriette
(1961- ), Ulm, Germany. Jazz composer and saxophonist. Picture, biography, compositions, recordings, reviews, and events.
Muenz, Harald
(1965- ), Württemberg, Germany. Avant-garde composer. Picture, biography, recordings, and work list.
Mulvey, Gráinne
(1966- ), Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Picture, biography, and selected works, from at the Contemporary Music Center, Ireland.
Mumma, Gordon
(1935- ), Framingham, Massachusetts. Biography, interviews, performances, photographs, scores, and writings.
Murphy, Dennis
(1934- ), Plainfield, New Jersey. Biography and compositions, from Kalvos and Damian.
Murphy, Gerry
(1947- ), Limerick, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Murphy, Kelly-Marie
(1964- ), Sardegna, Italy. Picture, biography, list of works, and reviews.
Mäenpää, Ilmari
(1971- ), Finland. Picture, curriculum vitae, works, and reviews.
Möller, Johannes V.
(1981- ), Stockholm, Sweden. Picture, biography, works, scores, CD, reviews, and audio files.
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