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La Berge, Anne
Picture, biography, sound files, compositions, and discography, from Kalvos and Damian.
Lacey, Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott Lacey conducts orchestras, composes scores for television and film, writes music for Jazz and Classical performers, and is a songwriter/producer for up and coming popular artists.
Laitman, Lori
Picture, biography, news, and sound files.
Lalor, Stephen
Picture, biography, and list of works and recoedings, from the Australian Music Centre
Lam, Bun-Ching
(1954- ), Macao, China. Picture, biography, interviews, events, list of works, discography, and reviews.
Lamberger, Lars
(1954- ) Includes recordings.
Lamburn, Maria
(1960- ) Picture, biography, sound file, and selected works from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Lancino, Thierry
(1954- ), Civray, France. Picture, biography, catalog, recordings, commissions, and projects.
Langer, Elena
Biography, CDs, reviews, and selected works.
Lanman, Anthony Joseph
(1973- ) Biography, scores, sound files, works and blog.
Lann, Vanessa
(1968- ), Brooklyn, New York. Includes biography, a list of works, review excerpts, and a list of CDs. Composes for orchestras, ensembles and multimedia projects.
Lanner, Luigi Negretti
Biography, some scores and some sound files, catalog of works, and composing software for download.
Larsen, Libby
(1950- ) Includes biography, discography, list of works, and educational resources.
Laskewicz, Zachar
(1971- ), Western Australia. Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Lauwers, Kristof
Picture, biography, compositions, scores and sound files.
Layton, Steve
Includes samples of his work.
Lazkano, Ramon
(1968- ), San Sebastian, Spain. Biography, catalog, discography, and activities.
Le Fleming, Anthony
Picture, biography, reviews, recordings, selected works, and concerts, from Impulse.
Leach, Mary Jane
Picture, biography, compostions, projects, recordings, and press.
Leach, Rohan
(1970- ) Biography.
Leavitt, John
Includes background information and listings of publications and music as well as discography and recordings.
Leedy, Douglas
(1938- ), Portland Oregon. Works.
Leek, Stephen
(1959- ), Sydney, Australia. Picture, Biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Lees-Blakey, Dorothy
Description of Lees-Blakey's work as composer, lyricist, writer, whose recordings and publicationss range from songs for children to a full-length musical 'Pride and Prejudice. With pictures and music.
Lehmann, Wilfred
Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings from the Australian Music Centre.
Lehrman, Leonard
(1949- ), Kansas. Picture, biography, recordings, and list of works.
Leisner, David
(1953- ) Includes biography, discography, reviews, and contact information.
Len, Igor
Includes biography, information on his studio and current projects, and audio examples of his works.
Lentini, James
(1958-) Dean of the School of Art, Media, and Music. Biography, recent publications, and list of compositions.
Lesser, David
(1966- ), Birmingham, England. Biography and list of works, from The Living Composers Project.
Leung, Tony K.T.
(1963- ), Honk Kong. Biography, CDs, sound files, and news.
Levaillan, Denis
Biography, list of works, excerpts, scores, and photos.
Levering, Arthur
Biography and picture.
Levering, Arthur
Biography, picture, musical works with sound files, performances, and reviews.
Levin, Stefan
(1964- ), Värnamo, Sweden. Picture, curriculum vitae, compositions, scores, and performances.
Levine, Michael
Includes biography, resumes, and list of works.
Lewin, Frank
(1925- ) Picture and biography.
Lewis, Peter Scott
Biography, recordings, and reviews.
Lewis, Tony
(1955- ), Singapore. Biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Lewkovitch, Bernhard
(1927- ), Denmark. Biography and CDs, from Da Capo.
Lieberman, David
Catalog, scores, links to MP3s.
Lieberman, David
The Anigraphical Etudes Nos. 1, 2, 4, &6, a collection of animated, interactive, aleatoric contemporary music scores.
Liebermann, Lowell
Includes news, works, recording and biography.
Lim, Liza
(1966- ), Perth, Australia. Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings from the Australian Music Centre.
Lind, Lanette M.
Brief biography, and works, from the American Music Center.
Lindroth, Scott
Biography, compositions, curriculum vitae, and sound files.
Liptak, David
(1949- ), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Picture, biography, and list of works and performances.
Little, David T.
(1978- ), New Jersey. Picture, biography,music, and news.
Llewellyn, Becky
(1950- ), St. Paul, Minnesota. Picture and curriculum vitae, from the Australian Music Centre.
Lloyd, Robert
Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Locke, Annie
Biography, picture, albums, and reviews.
Lockwood, Larry
Works, MP3s and scores available.
Lonsdale, Michael
(1961- ), Whitebridge, New South Wales. Biography and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
Lopez, Tom
Lowrey, Norman
Works and words about the works.
Loy, Christopher Morgan
Audio samples, score samples, photo gallery, reviews, concert schedule, and news. CDs and scores available for sale.
Lucchi, Rolando
(1963- ), Trento, Italy. Picture, biography, works, recordings, and writings, from the Archives of Contemporary Music, University of Trento.
Ludtke, William G.
Biography, audio files, concerts, photographs, and contact information.
Ludwig Chris
Biography, works, and sound files.
Luque, Sergio
(1976- ) Mexico City. Biography, mp3s, list of works and news.
Lynch, Michael
Composer for Film, TV, PBS productions and the Jan Kurtis Civil War Documentaries.
Lyon, David
(1938- ), Walsall, England. Picture, Biography, recordings and reviews, sound files, and selected works, from Impulse.
Lyon, Eric
Picture and biography, from Kalvos and Damian.
Lysight, Michel
(1958- ), Uccle, Belgium. Includes biography, discography, and works.
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