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Hackbarth, Glenn
Pictures, biography, and recent compositions.
Hahn, David
Picture, biography,compositions, and audio files.
Hakenberg, Stefan
(1960- ), Wuppertal, Germany. Includes audio files, catalog, biography, photo, program notes, and reviews.
Hakim, Naji
(1955- ), Beirut. French composer and organist. Picture, biography, works, and discography.
Hall, Ellsworth
Composer for film, video and multimedia projects. Includes his biography and credits along with audio and video samples.
Hall, Emily
Biography, music, and concerts and broadcasts.
Hall, Neville
(1962- ), Wellington, New Zealand. Picture, biography, and selected works, from Sounz, NZ.
Halle, John
Biography from Common Sense Composers.
Halley, Paul
Performance calendar; Pelagios Music Label and CD sales.
Hamel, Keith
(1956- ), Morden, Canada. Picture, biography, works, curriculum vitae, score examples, and audio excerpts.
Hamilton, Bruce
(1966- ), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Picture and biography, from Non Sequitur Music.
Hamilton, David
(1955- ), Napier, New Zealand. Picture, biography, and selected works, from Sounz, NZ.
Hamilton, David S.
Biography, audio and video samples, contact information, and links.
Hamilton, Iain
(1922- 2000), Glasgow, Scotland. Biography with discussion of his music by Paul Conway, from Music Web UK.
Hammond, Philip
(1951- ), Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Hanke, Brian
Picture, about, news, and audio file (1.45 mb).
Hardiman, Ronan
Biography, discography, sound clips, guestbook, and latest news.
Hardish, Patrick
Picture and biography, from Composers Concordance.
Harmonic, Phil (Kenneth Werner)
(1949- ), Newton, Massachusetts. Biography from Lovely Music.
Harrington, Jeff
(1955- ), Forest, Mississippi. Includes biography, scores, MP3s, and MIDI files by New Orleans classical composer, from Parnasse.com.
Harris, Ross
(1945- ), Amberly, New Zealand. Picture, biography, and selected works, from Sounz, NZ.
Harsh, Ed
Biography from Common Sense Composers.
Hasse, Jean
(1958- ), Cleveland, Ohio. Includes biography and details of compositions, scores and recordings.
Hatanaka, Masato
(1975- ), Hamatonbetsu-chou , Japan. Picture, biography, news, and sound and movie files.
Hatzis, Christos
(1953- ) Picture, biography, events, compositions, recordings, scores, and sound files.
Hause, Evan
(1967- ) Biography, works, publications, recordings, sound files, and reviews.
Hawkes, John
(1942- ), Nantwich, Cheshire, England. Picture, biography, and works.
Hayes, Paul
(1951- ), Dublin, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Hearne, John
(1937- ), Reading, England. Picture, biography, recent commissions, and works, from Impusle Music.
Hecker, Zeke
(1947- ), Newark, New Jersey. Picture, biography, autobiography, sound files, and selected works, from Kalvos and Damian's New Music Bazaar.
Hedges, Anthony
(1931- ), Bicester, England. Biography and list of works with descriptions, from Musicweb (UK).
Hegdal, Magne
(1944- ), Gjerdrum, Norway. Biography from the Norwegian Music Information Centre.
Heins, John
Biography, recordings, and works.
Hellawell, Piers
(1969- ), Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Biography and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Helmuth, Eric
Listing of works, picture, short biography, commissions, recordings, sound clips, and publisher information on accessible works for church and community choirs.
Helnwein, Ali
(1982- ), Vienna, Austria. Pictures, biography, and music.
Helsingor, Fleur
(1949- ), Oakland, California. Large digital art gallery/MIDI music hall, threaded with a futuristic story line.
Helvering, R. Douglas
Biography, picture, portfolio listing, and online resume.
Helweg, Kim
(1956- ) CV, list of works, and reviews.
Hendricks, Jess
(1972- ) Music, picture, and resume.
Henry, Michael
(1963- ), London, England. Picture, biography, selected works, and sound file, from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Henze, Hans-Werner
(1926 - ) Includes biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
Hersch, Michael
Picture and biography, from 21C Music Publishing.
Heuser, David
(1966- ) Picture, biography, compositions, sound files, and performances.
Hickey, Sean
(1970- ), Detroit, Michigan. Biography, compositions, and news.
Higdon, Jennifer
(1962- ), Brooklyn, New York. Picture, biography, works, performances, recordings, and reviews.
Hill, Brian R.
Compositions with scores, sound files and link to novel.
Hill, Edie
(19629- ), New York City. Picture, biography,list of works, and audio files.
Hill, Jackson
(1941- ), Birmingham, Alabama. Picture, biography, works, sound files, recordings, reviews, commissions, and publishers.
Hill, Richard
(1942- ), Renfrew, Scotland. Biography and works.
Hindson, Matthew
(1968- ) Australian composer. Picture, biography, selected works, writings, and reviews.
Hippler, Dietmar
(1956- ) Picture, biography, works, and CDs.
Ho, Fred
Picture, biography, commissions, recordings, and awards, from Kalvos and Damian.
Hobbs, Christopher
Picture, biography, and selected works, from the British Composers World Wide Web Project.
Hobson, Bruce
(1943- ), Hartford, Connecticut. Picture, biography, sound files, reviews, CDs, and selected works, from Equinox Music.
Hoenderdos, Margriet
Scores and audio files.
Hoffner, David
Picture, and composer credits.
Holland, John
(1944- ) Biography, works, and CDs.
Holliday, Kent
Picture and biography.
Holloway, Robin
(1943- ), Leamington Spa, England. Music.
Holmes, Leonie
(1962- ), Auckland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from Sounz NZ.
Holohan, Michael
(1956- ), Dublin, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Holten, Bo
Picture, biography, works, performances, and discography, from Edition Wilhelm Hansen.
Hoover, Jeffrey
Picture and biography.
Horeczko, Stéphane
News, biography, credits, filmography, and music downloads.
Horne, David
(1970- ), Scotland. Picture, biography, and works.
Horwood, Michael S.
(1947- ), Buffalo, New York. American-Canadian composer. Includes biography, program notes, works list, performance history, reviews, critiques, available recordings, and MP3 sound clips.
Hotson, Chris
Pianist, piano teacher and accompanist. Profile, performances and photograph gallery.
Howard, Emily
(1979- ), Liverpool, England. Picture, biography, compositions, and performances.
Howiler, Robert
(1969- ), Charleston, South Carolina. Includes picture and biography.
Huebner, Gregor
(1967-), Stuttgart, Germany. Picture, Biography, discography, compositions, and reviews.
Huffman, Jason
Picture, biography, resume, photographs, and music.
Hugill, Andrew
(1957- ), England. News, biography, compositions, writings, and photographs.
Hugill, Robert
Picture, biography, works, performances, and sound files.
Hui, Melissa
(1966- ), Hong Kong. Picture, biography, works and performances, commissions, program notes, and reviews.
Hui, Jerry
(1981- ), Hong Kong. Biography, and list of works.
Hulford, Denise
Picture, biography, and selected works, from Sounz NZ.
Hulme, Lance
(1960- ), Dubuque, Iowa. Picture, biography, reviews, and works, from the New Music USA.
Hulse, Brian
(1970- ), Salt Lke City, Utah. Picture, biography, artistic statement, and music samples.
Hunt, Jerry
(1943-1993) Performance artist and composer. Words about the man, words by him, descriptions of his works, work list, and recordings.
Hurley, Donal
(1950- ), Dublin, Ireland. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
Hurnik, Lukas
1967- ), Prague, Czech Republic. Picture, biography, and selected works, from the Czech Music Information Centre (in Czech and English).
Hurwit, Albert
(1931- ), Hartford, Connecticut. Biography, and information about Symphony No. 1.
Hutcheson, Jere
List of works.
Hutchinson, Matt
Film, television, and commercial composer. Biography, projects, weblog, and contact information.
Huydts, Sebastian
(1966- ), The Netherlands. Picture, biography, works with sound files, events, and links.
Huyssen, Hans
(1964- ), Pretoria, South Africa. Curriculum vitae, list of works, available scores and recordings, mp3 files, and performance calendar. (English/German)
Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Svend
Picture and works, from Edition Wilhelm Hansen.
John Hawkins
(1949- ) Biography, lists of works, recordings and reviews of music, including orchestral, chamber, vocal and educational pieces.
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