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Dadson, Philip
(1946- ), Napier, New Zealand. Biography and selected works.
Dalby, Martin
(1942- ), Aberdeen, Scotland. Photograph, biography, works and contact information.
Dale, Steve
Biography, interview and sample tracks from his album.
Dall'Osto, Diego
Biography, and works.
Damase, Jean-Michel
(1928- ) From Chamber Music database, list of compositions with links to more information about each.
Damon, Sean
Includes MIDI files.
Danielpour, Richard
(1956- ), New York City. Includes biography, work list, reviews, and articles.
Daniels, Andy
Award-winning composer of film scores, jazz and contemporary classical music. Biography, audio clips, and contact information.
Darge, Moniek
(1952- ), Bruges, Belgium. Short and extensive biography.
Dashow, James
Includes information about compositions, recordings, major awards, prizes, commissions and grants and download of his software developed for digital sound synthesis.
Davids, Brent Michael
Native American composer. Biography, writings and reviews, music, performances, and photographs.
Davidson, Randall
Includes biography, links, and information about his pieces.
Davidson, Robert
Scores and recordings of music by postminimal Australian composer.
Davies, Frank
(1953- ), Washington, USA. Music of the composer and others, arrangements for guitar, compositions, and guitar lessons.
Davies, Tim
(1972- ), Melbourne, Australia. Photograph, short biography, and list of works and recordings.
Dazzi, Gualtiero
(1960- ) Includes biography, work list, and composer's notes.
de Alvear, Maria
(1960- ), Madrid, Spain. Biography, works, about the composer, photoalbum and upcoming projects.
de Barra, Séamas
(1955- ) Picture, biography and selected works.
De Bleser, Werner
Biography and music.
De Boer, Eduard
(1957- ), pseudonym: Alexander Comitas. Catalog, sound library, opinions, score samples, biography and contact information.
de Bromhead, Jerome
(1945- ), Ireland. Photograph, short biography and selected works.
de Forest, Brooks
(1972- ) Composer of electronic, and orchestral music. Albums, biography, store, press releases, and audio extracts.
de Hollanda Cavalcanti, Nestor
(1949- ), Rio de Janeiro. Picture, biography, works, arrangements and news.
de Jong, Christiaan
Composer, flutist and guitarist. Pictures, biography, concert proposals, compositions and performances.
de Jong, Sarah
Photograph, biography, list of works and recordings.
De Rossi Re, Fabrizio
Short biography and list of works.
Dean, Brett
Biography of the violist and composer.
Dean, Roger
Photograph, biography, and list of works and recordings.
Deane, Raymond
Picture, biography and selected works.
DeBorde, John
(1965- ), Atlanta, Georgia. Photograph, biography, music, credits and news.
Deceuninck, Patrice
Music composer inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings. Biography, music and video files, and CDs.
Decio, Colin
(1959- ) Picture, biography, compositions, CDs, events, and contact information.
del Aguila, Miguel
Composer, pianist and conductor. Photographs, biography, awards, recordings, works, upcoming concerts and performers of his works.
Del Corno, Filippo
(1970), Milano, Italy. Biography, worklist, performances, discography, and press.
DeMarinis, Paul
Photograph, recent shows, installations, performances, writings and bibliography.
Demers, Inouk
Includes biography, curriculum vitae, work list, discography, audio excerpts, reviews, upcoming events, and links. In English and French.
Dempster, Thomas J
Biography, picture, and works.
Dench, Chris
(1953- ), London, England. Biography, list of works and recordings.
Dennehy, Donnacha
(1970- ), Dublin, Ireland. Biography.
Dennis, Brian
(1941-1998), Marple, Cheshire, England. Photographs, biography and sound clips.
Dennis, C Elwyn
(1941- ), Los Angeles, California. Biography with remarks on his artistic aesthetic.
DePolo, Andrew and Jared
Twin composers and producers from Lorain, Ohio. Biographical information, sample clips, current projects, news, and contact information.
Dequech, Andre
(1957- ), Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Biography, discography, texts, and sound files.
Dervieux , Noel
(1921- ), Lyon, France. Biography, list of works and recordings.
Deussen, Nancy Bloomer
(1957- ) Picture, short biography.
Devenport, Peter
Photograph, short biography and sound file.
Dewey, Matthew
Di Marino, Roberto
(1956- ), Trento, Italy. Picture, biography, compositions, arrangements, discography, essays (in Italian), and links.
Dickinson, Peter
(1934- ), Lytham St. Anne's, Lancashire, England. Includes biography.
Diemer, Emma Lou
(1927- ) Biography.
Dillon, James
(1950- ), Glasgow, Scotland. Picture, biography, work list, chronological work list and recordings.
Dillon, Lawrence
(1959- ) List of works, recordings, Picture, biography, contact information, links, news.
Dionne, Vincent
(1942- ), Chicoutini, Québec. Biography, discography, concerts, dance and theatre music, and film music.
Distler, Jed
Dobrian, Christopher
Photograph, compositions, articles and publications, and current research projects.
Dollarhide, Theodore
(1948- ), Santa Cruz, California. Photograph, biography, list of works and recordings.
Dorff, Daniel
(1956- ), New York City. Works with reviews and audio clips, biography, music for children's concerts, calendar of performances, photograph gallery, arrangements and editions.
Dormidoshin, Roman
(1974- ), Podolsk, Russia. Biography, music, and news.
Doyle, Roger
(1949- ), Dublin, Ireland. Picture, biography and selected works. Page available in PDF.
Dresher, Paul
(1951- ), Los Angeles, California. Biography and discography.
Drexler, David
(1967- ) Includes list of works, biography, free scores, and MP3 recordings.
Dreyfus, George.
(1922- ), Wuppertal, Germany. Photograph, biography, and list of works and recordings.
Dubugnon, Richard
(1968- ), Lausanne, Switzerland. Biography, catalog, photographs, press, and CDs.
Duckworth, Robert
(1974- ) Picture, biography, and information on "little yellow doll" broadcasts, from Kalvos and Damian.
Dudley Hughes, Edward
(1968- ), England. Includes work list, recordings, biography, reviews, contact information, and MP3 sample files.
Dudley, Grahame
(1942- ), Sydney, Australia. Picture, short biography, and list of works and recordings.
Duffy, John
Includes discography and biography.
Dufour, Alain Johan
(1969- ), Paris, France. Picture, and services offered by his music company in Sweden: Beaujoli.
Dunaway, Judy
Pictures, biography, discography, compositions, balloon reviews, and performances.
Duncan, Eve
(1956- ) Picture. biography, and list of works and recordings.
Dupuy, Phillip
Composer working in London theatre. Includes music clips from theatre productions he has scored for.
Durand, Joël-François
(1954- ), Orléans, France. Photograph, biography, list of works, discography, publisher contact and news.
Dwyer, Benjamin
Picture, biography and selected works. Page available in PDF.
Dzorelashvili, Saul
(1976- ) Biography, works, and sound files.
Dzubay, David
(1964- ), Minneapolis, Minnesota. Catalog, contact, biography, program notes, news, reviews, discography, sound clips, photographs and links.
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