Classical, Jazz, and Rock'n'Roll...Frank Zappa has touched it all!!!!

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The Idiot Bastard Son of T'Mershi Duween
Zappa page with news, reviews, and rumors.
The official website of Frank and the Zappa family.
Information about his guitars, equipment and musical language with some scores. Also covers the Spanish language musical saga "The Unmatched series."
Books About Zappa
Guide to written material, including books as well as magazines, articles and fanzines.
Conceptual Continuity
Web ring of sites about or dedicated to Frank.
Edgard Varese: The Idol of My Youth
Essay by Zappa honoring one of his major influences and the effect that "The Complete Works of Edgard Varese Volume I" had on his musical development.
Frank Zappa - Coffee Achiever
A profile on Frank Zappa and his love of coffee.
Frank Zappa Memorial Photo Pages
Unpublished photos from the Copenhagen concerts in the 70s.
FZ Lyrics
Discography including information on differences between different vinyl pressings and CD releases, songlist with extensive notes, and chronology.
IMDb: Frank Zappa
Filmography as composer, director, writer, actor, and producer.
Kill Ugly Radio
Frank Zappa news, quotes, quizzes, image galleries, discography, and articles.
MTV: Frank Zappa
Album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
Phase II Of Zappa Web
Discography, some midi files and movie information.
Philm Freax: Frank Zappa
Notes on the shooting of the photographs for the Chunga's Revenge album cover by the photographer. Includes additional photographs from the same session.
Planet Of My Dreams
Gig list, touring band lineups, and information about tours of the early 1970s.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Frank Zappa
Biography and timeline of his career.
Stephen Homan: Zappa's Outermost Phaze
Review of "Civilization, Phaze III" and a phone conversation with the musician.
Stuff Up the Cracks
Scans and info on Zappa vinyl releases and labels.
United Mutations
Includes directory of musicians who recorded or performed with Zappa, discographies, e-zine "The Big Note Files," scheduled performances of Zappa material around the world, and extensive links.
Zappa 4 u
Simple Zappa page, with a biography, discography, lyrics and pictures.
Zappa Interviews
Given by him on Swedish and Danish radio.
Frank Zappa links and merchandise.
Zomby Woof
Tribute page with links, reviews, lyrics and a chat room.

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