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Randy Newman
Includes complete discography, lyrics, timeline showing movies and awards, his journal from European tour, schedule of performances, a biography written by David Wild, and interviews with text and audio.
Concert Review: Randy Newman
Review of a concert in Winterthur, Switzerland.
Dallas Observer Online: Maybe He's Doing It Wrong
Lengthy interview, with biography and career review, upon release of "Guilty".
The Graham Weekly Album Review
Review of "Bad Love".
IMDb: Randy Newman (I)
Information on his soundtracks and a biography.
Jam Showbiz: Randy Newman
Several newspaper articles.
MTV: Randy Newman
News, profile, discography, tour dates, and links.
New Statesman: Love Bites
Promotional interview for "Bad Love".
Randy Newman
A collection of Newman-related information, including photos of Taiwanese CD-ROM wraparounds and a transcription of Randy Newman's February 2001 questions and answers with the members of his Internet fan club.
Randy Newman Scores
Newman discusses the financial aspects of movie scoring, and money issues in general, with Larry Getlen of
Rolling Stone: Randy Newman
Reviews, a biography, a trivia quiz and a photo of the 1972 RS cover.
Walt Disney Soundtracks: "Toy Story 2"
Disney's page for the soundtrack album containing Newman-composed songs and score; includes track list and sound files.
Yahoo! Groups: Randygroup
Email community that discusses Randy Newman, his work and related topics. This group was founded in 1996.
Getting the Score on Veteran Showman Randy Newman
Interview just prior to a concert with the Oregon Symphony in Portland, Oregon. (November 10, 2000)
Singer's Humor Strikes a Chord
Review of a concert at Sarasota, Florida's Van Wezel Hall. (October 29, 2000)
Salon Brilliant Careers: Randy Newman
A three-part overview of Randy's career. (August 24, 1999)
The Village Voice: Old People Got No Reason
A review of "Bad Love". (June 30, 1999)
Hoarse Foreman of the Apocalypse
A detailed essay on Newman's early work by Clive James, published in "Cream." (June 01, 1973)

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