Fan fiction are fictional writings involving the artists and were written by a fan. In this case, this category contained links to 'N Sync related fan fictions. If you're not familiar with 'N Sync, please check out their official site at
'N Our Dreams
Features stories, links, pictures, and lyrics.
'N Sync Fiction
Features original fiction and links.
'N Sync Fiction
Features stories, links, web rings, and FAQs.
'N Sync's Orlando Stories
Features two stories.
Long and short works by a single author.
Cimorene's 'N Sync Fan Fiction
Offers serial, humorous fan fiction set in exotic Japan.
Cloud Nine
Contains fan fiction, fan art, poems, and links.
Crunk Fan Fiction
Stories about 'N Sync, mainly focusing on Chris.
Dare To Dream
Includes stories and links.
Digital Getdown
Offers a collection of stories and links.
Dolphin Princess' 'N Sync Fiction
Featuring novels, short stories, co-written, campaigns, links, and hosted section.
Doozer's Fan Fiction
Includes stories, poems, and pictures.
Eva's 'N Sync Fan Fiction
Contains original and hosted stories. Offers pictures, lyrics, links, and story hosting.
Fiction Gurls 'N Sync Fiction
Features stories by two authors.
FuBabyz R Us
Features stories, links, banners, and cliques.
Justin Corner, The
Contains Justin fiction, contests, and banners.
Lost In A Dream
Contains original and hosted stories, links, journal, free e-mail, and story hosting.
No Dreads Attached
Featuring humor, fiction, and graphics. Main focus on Chris Kirkpatrick.
Searchable archive of fiction from multiple authors.
Features stories and links.
Planet 'N Sync Fiction
Includes original and hosted stories.
Space Cowgirlz Prettiful 'N Sync Fan Fiction
Includes original stories and links.
Venus's 'N Sync Fan Fiction
Includes original and hosted stories, and links.
Vivid Images
Contains stories, links and humor.
When Dreams Do Come True
Contains fan fiction.
Wishful Thinking
Includes stories, rants, and links.
Writer of Fiction
Includes stories and links.
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