This Articles and Interviews: In Memorial category is for sites that concentrate on news, announcements, obituary notices, press releases, reports, transcripts, and other textual information on George Harrison's death. Tribute sites by fans should be sent to Fan Pages.
BBC News: George Harrison 1943-2001
Special report on his life and music including audio and video clips. Tributes invited.
George Harrison: 1943-2001
Obituary notice in The Guardian newspaper from the UK with links to related articles, commentaries, a photo gallery, and web resources.
Observer: Why The Death of a Sixties Idol is so Affecting
Article reflects on George Harrison's life and death, and the impact on an entire generation.
Up On Cloud Nine: Remembering George Harrison
A memorial site with a short biography, fan's thoughts, poems, forum, and commentary on Harrison's life and death.
BBC News: Harrison Death Mystery Solved
The confusion over where former Beatle George Harrison spent his last few hours and died is cleared up. (February 13, 2002)
BBC News: Harrison Memorial Concert Sell-Out
A concert commemorating the life of Beatle George Harrison, and what would have been his 59th birthday, sells out before the star line-up is revealed. (February 10, 2002)
BBC News: Confusion Over Harrison Ceremony
Hare Krishna followers hold vigils by India's River Ganges, but there is still uncertainty over where George Harrison's ashes will be scattered. (December 05, 2001)
BBC News: Harrison's Ashes 'To Be Scattered'
Family preparing to scatter his ashes in India. Brief mention of the service that followed his death and a possible secret album. Multiple links to related topics. (December 02, 2001)
BBC News: George Harrison Dies
Detailed news report with links to audio/video clips and related stories. (November 30, 2001)
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