Kate Bush is a British singer and songwriter whose first single, the ethereal "Wuthering heights" released in 1978, was a British chart number 1, and a worldwide success. Her work whilst being popular is not transitory 'pop music'. She toured once 'the tour of life' in 1979. She has gone on the record since, saying she will not tour again. As her career has progressed she has show little interest in the commercial considerations of the music industry or in stardom. As she took more control of her own musical destiny, setting up her own studio, setting her own deadlines, the time between her albums increased in an almost exponential manner. Some have called her "the Garbo of Pop Music". The official line is that Kate is working on a new album, but we won't see it in 2001. Her last album was 'The Red Shoes' released in October 1993. If you haven't heard Kate's work, it's hard to classify her, or compare her to other artists, as in general others tend to be compared to her! Those who have been compared to Kate include Tori Amos and Happy Rhodes.

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