Sites created by fans of Star Wars. Fan sites specifically devoted to a topic covered by another ODP category (such as characters, humor, or fan fiction), are not listed here.

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Adam's Star Wars Homepage
Brief information on the episodes.
CSWU - Czech Star Wars Universe
CSWU is czech internet portal about Star Wars - movie created by George Lucas. Includes database of all Star Wars knowledge, fan forum and news of Star Wars universe.
Decol's Temple
Decol's delves into himself and his love for Star Wars. Featuring links and how friend enjoy the series.
Articles, polls, news, and literature.
Galactic Basic
Media, resources, and discussion.
Kittyana Palpatine-Malice, Princess of the Empire
A site dedicated to the imperial princess. With photographs and stories.
Ladies Of S'Jith
Information on characters and actors, images, and humor.
Star Wars fiction, articles, role playing games and sounds.
LMS Star Wars, Luke, Mara and The Prequels
Pictures of many of the major characters, sounds, and fan works.
Nyef's Star Wars Site
Pictures, episode 2 news, humor, cast and character profiles, and episode 1 video clips.
The PhanDom Menace
Documentary on Australia's Star Wars fan community.
Red Four: A Star Wars Site
Information on characters, places, plots of the movies, trivia, and links to other Star Wars sites. Relies heavily on frames
The Road to Endor
Fan poll tournament of sixty-four Star Wars characters.
Shmej's Star Wars Website
Pictures, posters, and links.
Sisters of the Force
Message board and sister links.
The Star Wars DVD Waiting Page
News on the Star Wars DVD releases.
Star Wars Force
Fan site devoted to comics, games, films, characters, species, weapons and vehicles.
Star Wars Fun
Fansite with various odds and ends.
Star Wars Library
Fan site dedicated to Star Wars inspired creations of fans. Site includes items suchas fan fiction, poetry, pictures and avatars.
Star Wars meets Star Trek
Crossovers between the Star Wars and Star Trek universes, with multimedia.
Star Wars Online
Pictures and news.
Star Wars: Master Sidious' Lair
Basic fan site with news and rumors. Features episode three plot synopsis and script summary contests, chat, comments and questions.
Articles, commentaries, discussion forums, multimedia, and Michael Wong's Star Wars vs. Star Trek website.
StarWars Fan Sites
Links to other fan sites, with a picture gallery.
Starwars Trilogy
A few cast biographies and image downloads.
Tashi Station
A weblog containing thoughts and observations usually about the Star Wars franchise by novelist Herb Mallette
A 9 year old Star Wars fan showing his collection of Star Wars items, with lots of pictures and other fun things.
X City Star Wars
Scripts from the Star Wars movies.
Yoda's Datapad
Full service fan site with countdowns, fan works, polls and trivia.
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