Reviews of the 2004 film, 'The Phantom of the Opera' as directed by Joel Schumacher.

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The Boston Globe: The Phantom of the Opera Movie Review
It has a little something to irritate everybody. By Wesley Morris.
dOc DVD Review: The Phantom of the Opera
The highly underrated film adaptation of the beloved musical/opera, packed with valuable extras, becomes one of the first pictures to reach the new format of HD-DVD.
eFilmCritic Movie Review - Phantom of the Opera, The
Provides an archive of twelve reviews for Joel Schumacher's 2004 film adaptation. Includes reader commentary. The Phantom of the Opera
Overall, Phantom is a not-so-ambitious musical adaptation that does little to establish itself as a movie or true spectacle. Review by Jeffrey “The Vile One” Harris.
Movie Review for The Phantom of the Opera
The film is a treat, whether you’ve seen the show or not. Includes small thumbnail photo gallery and viewer comments.
Reeling: The Phantom of the Opera
The songs generally suffer on the screen, with only the Phantom's organ-driven theme and the sexual frenzy of the climatic 'Past the Point of No Return' having any real energy.
Rolling Stone: The Phantom of the Opera - Review
Gerard Butler brings a raw, full-throated masculinity to the Phantom. Review by Peter Travers.
Salon: The Phantom of the Opera
"Phantom of the Opera" feels less like a movie than a nonstop amusement park ride designed to make people feel they really got their money's worth. By Stephanie Zacharek.
Let the Spectacle Astound You
Set, costumes, filming technique, all came together stunningly to make a great epic of the story of the inmates of the opera house. Review by Ercasse-ainince. (May 26, 2006)
The Flick Filosopher: Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera
It's a good thing Gaston Leroux is dead, because this movie adaptation of his 1911 novel would have killed him. Reviewed by MaryAnn Johanson. (December 24, 2004)
Film Blather: The Phantom of the Opera
Review criticizes both the movie production and the director. (December 22, 2004) - The Phantom of the Opera
The well known movie critic provides an analysis of the 2004 film directed by Joel Schumacher. (December 22, 2004)
Screen It Review: The Phantom of the Opera
I was bored much of the time, with only a handful of musical numbers and some set designs managing to break that state, if only momentarily. (December 22, 2004)
VillageVoice: The Phantom Of The Opera
Casting directors should know by now what countless bad musicals have shown: Just because you can carry a tune doesn't mean you can carry a whole movie. By Jorge Morales. (December 21, 2004)
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