This category is for sites that concentrate on interviews or other types of articles, including reviews and news. These sites may also contain other additional elements, as long as the primary focus is on textual information.
ADL and Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Anti-Defamation League's position on the film. Related links.
BeliefNet: Critics in the 'Passion' Pit
Michael Medved article examines if the Jewish agony over 'The Passion of The Christ' is misguided. Related links and topics.
Crosswalk: Mel Gibson's Passion
Information, quotes, and background on the making of the movie. Article by Holly McClure, from April, 2003.
Guardian Film: Passion tops US box office
News story about the movie having the biggest opening ever for an independently released film. Also links to other Guardian news items and reviews of the movie.
USAToday: Message of 'Passion' in Heart of Beholder
Excerpts of what people are saying about the film, "The Passion of Christ." (February 26, 2004)
Christian Science Monitor: 'Passion' Rekindles Debate Over Meaning of the Crucifixion
A look at the cultural impact of Mel Gibson's movie. (February 25, 2004)
Have Faith in Dog
An opinionated negative critique of Mel Gibson and his film, "The Passions of The Christ," with comparisons to anti-semitic violence. Graphic pictures and links to Holocaust information. (February 23, 2004)
www.chiesa: "The Passion," the Pope, and the Phantom Review
Article detailing Opus Dei's involvement in the movie. (February 12, 2004)
TheDenverChannel: Mel Gibson Screens Religious Movie In Colorado
Positive response to the historical accuracy of the movie when screened by religious leaders. Comments from Gibson. (June 27, 2003)
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