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Scott Spicciati's review of the movie.
Arrow in the Head: The Matrix Revolutions
A review that breaks down the film according to various parameters.
The Bleat: The Matrix Revolutions
Humorous review of the film, with a sardonic analysis of another review.
Channel 4 Film - The Matrix Revolutions
Credits, review, and user ratings.
Chicago Sun-Times: The Matrix Revolutions
Review of the film by Roger Ebert.
Choking on Popcorn: The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
Review of the movie by Arjan, with reader comments.
Cinephobia - The Matrix Revolutions
A review by Stephen Rowley.
Decent Films: The Matrix Revolutions
Ratings on several aspects, review by Steven D. Greydanus, and related links.
Dimspace: The Matrix Revolutions
Reviews of the film in haiku form.
DreamLogic: Matrix Revolutions
Review of the film by two contributors. The Matrix Revolutions
Reviews of varying lengths from many contributors.
Film De Culte: Matrix Revolutions
Review by Robert Hospyan and user ratings. The Matrix Revolutions
Brian Orndorf reviews the movie.
Filmtracks: The Matrix Revolutions
Review of the film's soundtrack with ratings and user comments.
The Flick Filosopher: The Matrix Revolutions
MaryAnn Johanson reviews the movie.
Mark Reviews Movies: The Matrix Revolutions
Mark Dujsik's take on the film.
Ozus' World: The Matrix Revolutions
Dennis Schwartz reviews the film.
Qwipster's Movie Reviews: Matrix Revolutions
A review of the movie by Vince Leo.
Reeling - The Matrix: Revolutions
Robin and Laura Clifford review the movie.
TalkTalk: The Matrix Revolutions
Review and related links.
TheMovieBoy - Matrix Revolutions, The (2003)
Dustin Putman's review of the film.
The Village Voice: Holy Trinity
J. Hoberman's review of the movie. : Sci-fi series self-destructs in 'The Matrix Revolutions'
Review by Jon Niccum, with photographs. (November 07, 2003)
San Francisco Chronicle: The Matrix Revolutions
Review of the movie by Carla Meyer. (November 05, 2003)
The Matrix: Regurgitated
David Edelstein's review of the movie [Slate]. (November 04, 2003)
Seattle Weekly: he Matrix Revolutions
Review by Brian Miller. (November 01, 2003)
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