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Detailed analysis of the film and links to similar movies. Review submissions welcome.
BeyondHollywood: The Matrix
Movie review and pictures.
The Chief Report: The Matrix
Wolfpack Productions reviews the film.
ChildCare Action Project: The Matrix
Analysis of the film's suitability for Christian children.
Chronicle of a Passion: The Matrix
Review of the film by Steven Erickson.
Cinephobia: The Matrix
Stephen Rowley's review of the movie.
CineSight: The Matrix
Review of the film by Steve Gibbs.
Crazy for Cinema: The Matrix
In-depth review of the film's plot line.
The Critic's Homepage: The Matrix
Joe Soria reviews the film.
Decent Films: The Matrix
Review by Steven D. Greydanus.
Feed My Ego: The Matrix
Commentary on the film and the DVD by Scott Ventura.
Film Buff Movie Reviews: The Matrix
Review of the film by Lucas. The Matrix
Review of the film's score by Mike Dougherty with user comments, and some audio clips.
The Filthy Critic: The Matrix
A sarcastic review of the film.
A Fistful of Reviews: The Matrix
Features two different reviews of the film.
Flick Filosopher: The Matrix
Review of the film with reader comments.
HARO Online
A review of the film by Haro.
Hollywood Movie Review: The Matrix
Review of the film by Tubegator.
Images Journal: The Matrix
Review of the film by Gary Johnson, accompanied by film stills.
Kids in Mind: The Matrix
A review based on the film's R-rated content.
Media Circus: The Matrix
Review by Anthony Leong (previously published in Frontier magazine).
MFS Movie Database: The Matrix
Review by Marcus Chan.
The Movie Boy: The Matrix
Review and a mock dialogue between the Wachowski brothers, by Dustin Putman.
The Movie Mom: The Matrix
Review of the film by Nell Minow, oriented toward an audience of parents.
Movie Vault: The Matrix [Matthew Coats]
Review of the film with user ratings. The Matrix
Humorous review of the film by Widgett.
Nitrate Online: The Matrix
Review by Carrie Gorringe, and some pictures.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews: The Matrix
Review of the film by David Schwartz.
Projections: The Matrix
Francis C. Lapointe reviews the film.
QNetwork: The Matrix
James Kendrick reviews the movie.
Rambles: The Matrix
Jade Falcon reviews the film.
The Reel McCoy: The Matrix
Review by Patrick McCoy with images, user ratings, and links.
Reel Reviews: The Matrix
Review of the film from two opposing viewpoints [Warning: Reloaded spoiler].
ReelViews: The Matrix
James Berardinelli reviews the film.
The Review Pages: The Matrix
Review by Kathe, and still photographs.
Reviews on the Side: The Matrix
Review of the film by Steven Lekowicz. The Matrix
Review by Peter Travers, with user comments.
Ross Anthony's Hollywood Report Card: The Matrix
Review and letter grade for the film.
The Sci-Fi Movie Page: The Matrix
Review by James O'Ehley.
SplicedWire: The Matrix
Rob Blackwelder's review of the film.
Teen Critic: The Matrix
Review of the film with user comments.
Village Voice: Grand Allusions
Review of the film by Dennis Lim.
'Matrix' offers tales from the cryptic
" probably won't know what it is after you see it either." By Paul Tatara [CNN] (April 09, 1999)
The Austin Chronicle: The Matrix
"... a heady, challenging ride into one of the most fabulously constructed science fiction parallel universes..." By Mark Savlov. (April 02, 1999)
A Derivative Dazzling 'Matrix'
" big, fat, honking comic book of a sci-fi-martial-arts adventure flick." By Michael O'Sullivan [Washington Post] (April 02, 1999)
'The Matrix': The Reality Is All Virtual and Densely Complicated
"...a movie that captures the duality of life à la laptop..." By Janet Maslin [New York Times]. (March 31, 1999)
Chicago Sun Times: The Matrix
"...a visually dazzling cyberadventure, full of kinetic excitement..." By Roger Ebert. (March 31, 1999)
A Dazzling Futuristic Phantasm
"There's a kind of liberating, almost transforming energy in this film..." By Stephen Hunter [Washington Post]. (March 31, 1999)
Myth meets Internet in 'Matrix'
"...a completely new twist to the concept of going online." By Andy Culpepper []. (March 31, 1999)
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