This category is for non-fiction works dedicated to the film that are not media articles dealing with the film's production, distribution, or promotion. Sites acceptable to this subcategory will include discussions of any of the philosophies behind the movie, scientific analyses of plot details, and other similar works.

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Gnosticism Reborn
Discusses the film as a Shamanic journey, by Jason Wynd and Jake Horsley.
H2so4 Magazine - The Pornocracy of "Fate": Moms' Tricks in The Matrix
Philosophical essay about the saviour theme in The Matrix, by Matt George. The Matrix
Essay focusing on the idea that the movie's popularity is due to a lack of spirituality in the general population.
Is "The Matrix" Gnostic or Christian?
Detailed comparison between Gnostic and Christian influences in the film, by Steven D. Greydanus.
The Matrix
Sam Vaknin discusses the difference between virtual reality and computerized models of reality, as well as implications of this distinction for the future.
The Matrix as Messiah Movie
Site examines the parallels between Neo's character development and the life of Jesus Christ.
The Mayertrix
Explores the possible connection between John Mayer's music and the film. Includes sound clips, lyrics, and links.
Metaphilm: The Matrix
Essay analyzes the movie with a focus on personal identity, the role of technology, questioning reality, and Marshall McLuhan.
Nonduality Salon: The Matrix
Discussion of the movie focusing on non-dual themes and concepts.
Outside the Lie
Outlines the parallels of the film with the Christian faith in an attempt to convert users.
The Red Pill Project
Attempts to approach the details of the film in a rational and scientific manner. Articles, project information, and links.
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