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The Killing is a 1956 film noir based on the novel Clean Break by Lionel White, directed by Stanley Kubrick, and starring Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, and Vince Edwards. The movie is about an ex-con who plans one last heist before getting married -- stealing $2 million from a San Francisco racetrack. This category is for sites relating to the film.

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AllMovie: The Killing
Synopsis, review, credits, awards, and list of similar films.
The Current: The Killing
Essay by David Ehrenstein.
Drew's Script-O-Rama: The Killing
Dialogue transcript of the film.
DVD Times: The Killing
Review of the DVD by Raphael Pour-Hashemi. Includes photographs.
Film Noir of the Week: The Killing (1956)
Review of the film. "It's one of those noirs you can watch over and over again and uncover fresh revelations in each viewing."
Flixster: The Killing
Overview, rating, user reviews, photographs, and links
IMDb: The Killing (1956)
Synopsis, full cast and crew, reviews, awards, quotations, trivia, bloopers, related films, merchandising information, photographs, message board, and links.
Jabberwock: Notes on Stanley Kubrick's The Killing
Essay about the film by Jai Arjun Singh, with reader comments.
The Kubrick Site: The Killing
Review by Jules N. Binoculas. "...inspiring in its faithfulness to the concept of exhaustive reason and pure method as man's best defense against the caprice of an indifferent universe."
Mooviees: The Killing
Reviews, DVD editions, photographs, quotations, trivia, plot synopsis, and links.
Rotten Tomatoes: The Killing
Collection of reviews.
Scathing Reviews Bitchy People: A Bad Day at the Races
Review and discussion by Drew Morton. Includes user comments.
The Spinning Image: The Killing
Review by Daniel Auty. " of the most flat-out enjoyable films in his filmography."
The Stop Button: The Killing
Review of the film. "'s such a beautifully made film--and it's near impossible to truly identify with any of the characters outside of enjoying their actions--it works."
Turner Classic: The Killing (1956)
Synopsis, credits, production notes, original print information, related articles, user reviews, quotations, trivia, release details, and links.
Wikipedia: The Killing
Plot overview, notes on the film's critical reception, and related links.
WildSound: The Killing
Review by Mike Peters. "This film may not be as polished or visually decorative as his later films but Kubrick still manages to incorporate select sections of his vision within this film."
Yahoo Movies: The Killing
Film overview and synopsis, credits, awards, reviews, and message board.
On the 10th Anniversary of Kubrick’s Passing: "The Killing"
Article by Mark Farnsworth [Global Comment]. (July 22, 2009)
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