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A true test of wits between a cunningly clever bank robber and a determined police detective creates suspense and tension in this Spike Lee directed film. Can a criminal mastermind pull off the perfect heist? Strained negotiations during the in-process robbery and hostage crisis are further complicated by a powerful lawyer whose presence only helps to blur the line between right and wrong. Starring Clive Owen as Dalton Russell, Denzel Washington as Keith Frazier and Jodie Foster as Madeliene White.

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IMDb: Inside Man
Features full cast and crew, external reviews, awards and nominations, plot summary, trivia, filming locations, photo gallery and discussion board.
Inside Man
Provides brief review and two production stills. Inside Man
Provides plot synopsis, cast and crew details, movie stills, related news articles and viewer popcorn meter rating system.
Universal Studios: Inside Man
Official site provides enhanced video clips from the film and explorations of key characters, downloads, plot synopsis, cast list and production notes.
Inside Clive Owen, A Breakout Performance
Think of “Inside Man” as a Da Vinci Code-esque film, with a huge mystery hidden behind small clues revealed every so often. By Yong-Yi Zhu. (April 28, 2006)
Film Review: Spike Lee Thrills
Inside Man is a bank-heist-hostage-thriller-with-a-twist that will perfectly fit the multiplex bill and comfortably make the box office Universal Pictures budgeted. Review by Pavel Ivanov. (April 24, 2006)
Virginia Law Weekly Reviews: Inside Man: A Thrilling Crime Caper
Inside Man takes its time tying up loose ends and the finale has some of the best scenes of the movie. Review by Andrew J. Stephens. (April 14, 2006) Inside Man
Provides cast list, film synopsis and photo gallery. (December 01, 2005)

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