Movie, soundtrack, DVD and video reviews for Confidence.

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3 Black Chicks: Confidence
Review and rating by Cassandra Henry. Confidence
Movie review and cast interviews by Carlo Cavagna. Confidence
Review by Wilson Morales.
Chicago Sun-Times: Confidence
Roger Ebert's review.
ChildCare Action Project: Confidence
Analysis of the movie's content from a Christian point of view.
Deseret News: Confidence
Review and rating by Jeff Vice.
Digitally Obsessed: Confidence
Review of the movie and DVD by Brian Calhoun.
DVD MovieGuide: Confidence
Review by Colin Jacobson with viewer ratings.
DVD Talk: Confidence
Jason Bovberg's review of the special edition DVD. Confidence
Review by Randy with 2 out of 5 stars.
Film Monthly: Confidence
Review by Hank Yuloff.
Guardian Unlimited: Confidence
Reviews and ratings by Peter Bradshaw and Philip French.
A Guide to Current DVD: Confidence
Review of the film and DVD features.
Haro Online: Confidence
Review and pictures.
Hollywood Report Card: Confidence
Review and rating by Ross Anthony. Confidence
Negative movie review.
Jigsaw Lounge: Confidence
Review by Neil Young with 3/10 rating.
Lee's Movie Info: Confidence
Review by Lee Tistaert with B- rating.
Movie Habit: Confidence
Review by Marty Mapes with 3/4 rating.
Movies 101: Confidence
Review by Robert Glatzer.
Nitrate Online: Confidence
Reviews by Cynthia Fuchs and KJ Doughton.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews: Confidence
Review by Dennis Schwartz with C- rating.
QNetwork: Confidence
Review by James Kendrick, with 2.5/4 rating.
ReelTalk: Confidence
Review by Diana Saenger.
ViewLondon: Confidence
Review by Matthew Turner with 3/5 rating.
San Francisco Chronicle: Confidence
Review by Mick LaSalle. (April 25, 2003)
Slate: Confidence
Review by David Edelstein. (April 25, 2003)
Screen It: Confidence
Analysis of the movie's content in terms of numerous factors including nudity, language, and violence. (March 31, 2003)
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