Reviews for the 2005 film 'Batman Begins', as directed by Christopher Nolan.

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Batman Begins
Review includes a positive summary and photos.
Batman Begins
Nolan achieves a rare balance between the necessary but minimal exposition scenes and the action sequences; the pace never slackens or loses its rhythm. Review by Jeremy C. Fox.
Batman Begins
Christian Bale has matured into an intense actor unafraid of embracing the physicality of his roles. Review by John Hayes. Batman Begins
The fantastic cast, good story, and reality-based comic characters make this movie a treat for both comic fans and general audiences. Reviewed by: Scott Chitwood.
Future Movies: Batman Begins
Positive review of the film starring Christian Bale. Batman Begins
I could write another 1,365 celebratory words on this remarkable film. Review by Nathan Baran. Batman Begins
It is stylistic, but not at the cost of the story, it is thrilling, but not at the cost of the characters, and it has resonance but not at the cost of a fun adventure.
Lee's Movie Info - Batman Begins Review
Batman Begins may please comic book fans, but for me, it still lacks that energy, excitement, style, and acting talent that made the Burton flicks so good. By Craig Younkin.
Ninth Symphony Films Review: Batman Begins
Audiences are treated to strength in story, character, and production values. Includes small photo gallery. Review by Kelsey Wyatt.
Reeling: Batman Begins
Batman Begins” has intrigue, romance, shootouts, brawls, high tech gadgets, dark humor and loads of action.
Rolling Stone : Batman Begins : Review
It's schizo entertainment. By Peter Travers. [June 15, 2005]
The Dark Knight Deflates
Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" is a lot like the car featured so prominently in the trailers: muscular, oversized, not particularly eloquent or imaginatively realized. Review by Noel Vera. (June 17, 2005)
NPR : 'Batman Begins' Traces a Franchise's Beginnings
Four minute audio review of "Batman Begins" by Bob Mondello. (June 15, 2005)
Salon: Batman Begins
You know you're in trouble when a movie can't even get the Batmobile right. Review by Stephanie Zacharek. (June 15, 2005)
Screen It Parental Review: Batman Begins
Synopsis, cast and crew, and breakdown of the film's content by categories of interest to parents. (June 15, 2005) Reviews - Batman Begins
The acclaimed critic offers a comprehensive favorable review of the film, cast list and trailer. (June 13, 2005) Reviews: Batman Begins
Provides a comprehensive illustrated review of the film. (June 01, 2005)
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