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Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1950.

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All the World's a Stage
The Flick Filosopher (MaryAnn Johanson) had two good excuses to see "All About Eve": it won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1950, and it is on the American Film Institute's Top 100 list. Review recommends seeing the film more than once. All About Eve
Movie review and rating.
AllMovie: All About Eve
Plot synopsis, brief review by Rebecca Flint, lists of similar and related works, credits, and awards. All About Eve
Very brief review by Jenna Evans.
At-A-Glance Film Reviews: All About Eve (1950)
Review by Samuel Stoddard of one of the best films of all time. Rated 5/5.
The Austin Chronicle Movie Guide: All About Eve (1950)
Stephen Macmillan Moser's review of a movie "as wicked and sophisticated as they come."
Crazy for Cinema: All About Eve (1950)
Review of a movie "so evil in points it could have been directed by Hitchcock." Rated 4 stars ("film heaven").
Greatest Films: All About Eve (1950)
Detailed review by Tim Dirks, synopsis and discussion of thematic elements in the film.
IMDb: All About Eve (1950)
Cast and credits, plot synopses, viewer comments and rating, awards and nominations, capsule review by Leonard Maltin.
The Literature & Culture of the American 1950s: All About Eve
Brief review by Al Filreis, Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania.
Moviediva: All About Eve
Background information on the movie.
Reel Classics: All About Eve (1950)
Detailed review, with stills. Memorable quotes.
Roger Ebert: All About Eve
Full length review, part of a series on his hand-picked "great movies."
TV Guide Online: All About Eve
Review of "the consummate backstage story," cast and credits. Rated 5/5.
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