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'Days Of Summer': Ephron For The Hipster Set
Review by Nathan Lee [NPR]. "...audiences may well grow bored with the relentless emo-chic of these two privileged, self-involved hotties, acting out their twee little dramas and faux-naif antics."
A.V. Club: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Scott Tobias. "The film winds up in a no-man’s land between Hollywood and something real."
Austin Chronicle: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Kimberley Jones. "A funny, seductive, and surprisingly honest dramatization of the ways we snooker ourselves into incompatible love."
Bask in the warmth of delightful '(500) Days of Summer'
Review by Claudia Puig [USA Today]. "...may be the movie that best captures a contemporary romantic sensibility."
Boston Globe: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Ty Burr. "It’s an “Annie Hall’’ for the iPod generation: über-designed, pleasing to the touch, making up in generic sweetness what it lacks in bite."
Chicago Reader: (500) Days of Summer
Review by J.R. Jones. "Visually witty, flawlessly played romantic comedy."
Chicago Sun-Times: 500 Days of Summer
Review by Roger Ebert. "Here is a rare movie that begins by telling us how it will end and is about how the hero has no idea why."
Christian Science Monitor: 500 Days of Summer
Review by Peter Rainer. "...old goods in new wrapping."
The Chutry Experiment: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Chuck Tryon. " effective rejoinder to some of the worst cliches of romantic comedy, at least until the film’s final sequence."
Entertainment Weekly: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Owen Gleiberman. "[...] like a mood ring cued to the ups, downs, and confusions of modern love."
For Gordon-Levitt and Deschanel, Love Still Hurts in (500) Days of Summer
Review by Robert Wilonsky [Village Voice]. "It's more like a love story in a blender. What is unexpected is the sincerity beneath the modest conceit that, yup, love hurts."
The Globe and Mail: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Liam Lacey. "The film really only feels vital when it focuses on the pain of rejection. "
Love is strange: '(500) Days of Summer'
Review by Shawn Levy [Portland Oregonian]. "The film does a lovely job of balancing emotional clarity, formal trickery, pop sweetness, and heartfelt narrative."
New Orleans Times-Picayune: 500 Days of Summer
Review by Mike Scott. " of the most satisfying movies of the summer. "
New York Daily News: 500 Days of Summer
Review by Joe Neumaier. "This quirky movie gets that perception isn't always reality."
New York Post : (500) Days of Summer
Review by Lou Lumenick. "It's the oldest bittersweet story in the book, of course, but [...] Marc Webb approaches his feature debut with great confidence, flair and a minimum of schmaltz."
Opening night: Breezy tale of a love that didn't last
Review by Steven Rea [Philadelphia Inquirer]. " engagingly breezy tale about a guy with a broken heart and the girl who broke it."
Rolling Stone: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Peter Travers. "This knockout of a movie expertly blends bliss [...] and the blues [...]." (500) Days of Summer
Review by Stephanie Zacharek. "...everything that's wrong, on the surface, with "(500) Days of Summer" pales in light of everything that's going on beneath its surface."
San Francisco Chronicle: (500) Days of Summer
Review by David Wiegand. "...irresistible feel-good movie about love gone bad."
Slate: (500) Days of Summer
Review by Dana Stevens. "If only some sharp-eyed script editor had run 500 Days through the de-sappifying machine, it could have been the first great romantic comedy of 2009."
Time: 500 Days of Summer
Review by Richard Corliss. "...snazz, schmaltz, an iPod's worth of pop melodies spanning five decades and two of Hollywood's most attractive young stars..."
Washington Post: 500 Days of Summer
Review by Desson Thomson. "A movie that sidesteps the Pollyanna pornography of Happily Ever After. "
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