This subcategory is for reviews which look at films with a degree of humour and/or irony.
Movie reviews with a touch of humor.
Back Row Reviews
Sardonic reviews of theatrical releases by James Dawson.
The Bizarre Movie Reviewer
A lunatic reviews very strange movies, based on how many shots of tequila it would take to consider the movies normal.
Cheesy Movie Night
Reviews of bad films including trivia, quotations, and basic film information. Also includes a discussion forum.
Choking on Popcorn
Movie reviews for new theatrical and DVD releases as well as older movies. User comments and discussion welcome.
Provides a library of humorous film commentary, reviews, articles, and links. Also contains other movie-related information.
The Editing Room
Movie ratings and humorous "reviews" in the form of satirical abridged scripts.
Anonymous weblog with reviews of theatrical and DVD releases.
The Filthy Critic
Sarcastic reviews listed alphabetically.
Holy-wood: Christian Entertainment Reviews
Several mock film reviews from the Landover Baptist Church, an online parody on organized religion.
Hortense Vasucchi's Movie Reviews
Sardonic film reviews from an enthusiast. Features recommendations and related links.
Jeffrey Dugong, B.A. - Celluloid Visionary
Pretentiously ill-informed reviews (in weblog form) of past and current releases by self-aggrandising critic Dugong
Margy and Jeremy - Movie Reviews
Husband and wife review the movies they see together.
Movie Autopsy Guild
Reviews from the point of view of a cranky grandmother. Movie Reviews
Archive of current and older film reviews by Widgett.
Objective Movie Reviews
Collection of reviews by Dave Fischer. Reviews do not always reflect actual subject matter of the films they are about.
Gives one-line summations and detailed reviews of current and back-catalogue films and DVDs.
Things In Movies That Bug Me
Weblog with a selection of reviews by pseudonymous author Rich, focusing on his pet peeves.
Vert A Go Go Reviews
Current and archived reviews of mainstream and DVD releases.
The Weekly Blurb
Hollywood spin doctor-style reactions to mainstream films.
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