Review hubs are sites which have multiple reviewers contributing different opinions on various films. These may be permanent contributors on the staff or user reviewers. This category is for sites which offer reviews from more than one different critic.

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Movie Review Query Engine
Online directory of movie reviews.
Archive of film reviews sorted by year.
Archived and recent film reviews. Includes yearly "best of" lists.
Movie review database with multiple search criteria. Reviews contributed by site visitors.
Bitter Balcony
Reviews of mainstream releases by JAS and John Rojas as well as site users. Also look at upcoming and underrated films.
Bucket Reviews
Reviews from two contributors, indexed alphabetically and by rating. Also includes box office results, lists of newly released films, message board, and links.
Cinema Review Magazine
Offers movie reviews focusing on content and moviegoer opinions. Allows users to make informed choices about seeing a film.
Current and past reviews accompanied by film stills.
Commentary Track
Reviews with a primary focus on new US releases. Other features are reviews of older films and a weekly DVD recommendation.
The Critical Critics
Reviews of cinematic releases arranged by genre, as well as a selection of top-ten lists.
Includes archives, staff profiles with their rating systems and top 10 lists.
CrocoPuffs MovieSite
Includes list of recent film reviews and alphabetical and ranked lists of archived reviews. Includes rating system information and reviewer profiles.
Film Forward
Reviews of independent, foreign, documentary, and arthouse films releases theatrically and on DVD.
User-driven portal for full and capsule reviews. Also includes member-created top lists, cross-referenced from film listings.
Reviews from several anonymous contributors sorted by genre, festival, and star rating.
The Flick Chicks
Movie reviews by a circle of female critics.
A community where users share film reviews and ratings [free registration required].
Frank's Reel Movie Reviews
Movie reviews and ratings, as well as film news and trivia.
Hollywood Bitchslap
[Strong language warning]. Reviews of current and older films. Includes short reviews submitted by users.
Reviews of films in theatrical release and on DVD.
Features review quotes and links to professional movie critics.
Movie and Film Review
Weblog with reviews arranged by genre and reviewer. Also includes a guide to writing reviews.
Movie Buffs
Reviews of mainstream films. Invites reader contributions.
The Movie Compound
Reviews of current releases as well as classic films. Includes message boards.
Movie Review Index
Extensive online movie review database.
Movie Vault
Current and archived reviews, industry news, interviews, and related links.
Searchable database of mainstream, independent and foreign film reviews.
Mutant Reviewers From Hell
Reviews of films along with recommendations for similar films.
The New York Times: Movies
Archive of the newspaper's film reviews, including all reviews since 1960 and selected reviews going back to 1910 [free registration required].
Reviews and ratings of a variety of general and limited release films. Recent release, alphabetical list, and top 10 lists available.
Review Centre: Film Reviews
Consumer-submitted reviews and ratings, subdivided by genre.
Review Guy Online
A collection of film reviews. Includes ability to submit user reviews, links, and a message board.
Features A to Z reviews, film release dates, and top ten lists.
Richmond Reviewers
Films reviewed in the form of a discussion between two critics.
Rotten Tomatoes
Features the consensus opinion of professional critics from across the nation.
The Scorecard Review
Specialized reviews with categories breaking down each major section of a film, judged on a scale of 0-10.
Independent film and DVD reviews by several bloggers.
Provides reviews and ratings for films based on two scales: artistic merit and entertainment value.
That Cow Reviews
User-submitted reviews of current and past movies.
Three Movie Buffs
Reviews of theatre and video films, box office charts, movie news, and other related information.
Two For The Show
Film reviews by Phil and Carol Fuoco.
Welcome to Soundstage
Includes a collection of film reviews by various authors, a top 100 films list, and a mailing list.
Where the Long Tail Ends
Reviews of smaller genre and independent films. Also includes themed film-watching podcasts.
The World of KJ
Film, DVD and trailer reviews.
You Think Movies
User ratings and comments on a variety of films. Registered users are able to add their favorite movies to their profile.
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