Sites that offer reviews of multiple horror movies.

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Absolute Horror
Weekly updated reviews and discussions of straight-to-video movies.
Alan Idol's Horror Reviews
A-Z database of over 400 amateur reviews. Includes guestbook, polls and links. Horror Movie Reviews
Reviews of horror movies from a variety of commentators.
Arrow in the Head
Website offers horror movie reviews, production journals, interviews, discussion forums and contact information.
Behind the Couch
Eclectic collection of reviews mostly for lesser-known films.
The Black Lagoon
Reviews of classic and cult horror movies, organised alphabetically and by genre.
Offers horror movie and fiction reviews as well as news, editorials, interviews, links and convention listings.
Dr. Blood's Video Vault
An A to Z guide of various movie reviews as well as links to dealers that sell them.
Eat Horror
Reviews categorized by sub-genre, including zombie, supernatural, slasher, psychological, monster, vampire, serial killer, cannibal, and science fiction films.
Gorehounds Unite
DVD reviews with a focus on independent features. Listings include synopses and photographs.
Horror Charts
Brief reviews and ratings by a pseudonymous author. Sub-genres include experiment gone wrong, nobody dies, and small-town.
The Horror Digest
Reviews of current and classic films by Andre Dumas. Includes reviews of films specifically featured on Bravo TV's list of 100 scariest movie moments.
Horror Express
Reviews, production and release news for mainstream and low-budget films.
Horror Review
Horror, science fiction and fantasy movie reviews. Features media, interviews, upcoming film information and forum.
Brief reviews and DVD specifics on a large number of horror films.
Features horror movie reviews and data, news, archives, essays, interviews, contact information and links.
Hysteria Lives
Reviews of slasher films and gialli from the 1950's to the present. Features essays, photographs and interviews.
International Walnut
Weblog in which the webmaster reviews cult films as well as DVD and advance theatrical releases.
Killer Reviews
Searchable database of over four thousand horror films as well as contact details and related links.
Living Dead Movie Reviews
Reviews feature photographs and use the site's own rating system. Also includes several top 10 lists and links.
Living Dead Reviews
Film synopses, reviews, and photographs, organized by categories such as "aliens and monsters", "Hammer classics", and "Stephen King adaptations".
Oh My God! That's Horror-ble
An alphabetically searchable database of horror movie reviews. Features updates and links.
Oh, the Horror
Reviews by several contributors, organized alphabetically and by sub-genre. Also includes a discussion forum.
Omega Channel
Weblog that reviews various genre related films. Also includes links and images.
Paraseek Staff Reviews
Horror and science fiction movie reviews and trailers.
The Terror Trap
Full profiles of slasher movies, Italian giallos, ghost movies, scream queens and monthly spotlights,
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