From the silent classic Nosferatu to today's computer generated monsters, the horror genre encompasses a wide range of styles. This category and its subcategories are for websites that deal with horror movie news, reviews, celebrities, monsters and overall examinations.

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24 Frames Per Second
Highlights include Asian, world and cult horror movie news and reviews as well as forums and contact details.
28 Days Later: An Analysis
Film commentary and interviews by Michael Ross.
80s Slashers
Provides poster thumbnails for films from the slasher genre, with links to trailers.
AMC Filmsite: Horror Films
Extensive look at the horror genre from the earliest silent pictures to present day cinema.
Atrocities Cinema
Horror movie news, reviews, fiction, forums, related links and archives.
Showcases a weblog, reviews and top one hundred list as well as descriptions of movie monsters and heroes.
Black Horror Movies
Features a searchable time line of films, data and links concerning African American actors that have appeared in the genre.
Horror movie news, reviews features and message boards.
Brimstone Pit
Columns, interviews and viewer reviews about new releases and classic horror movies. Also includes a searchable database.
British Horror Films
Featuring work by Hammer, Amicus, Tigon and Pete Walker. Includes reviews, photos, posters, sounds and a message board.
Chamber Of Horrors
The history of horror movies by decade. Includes sections on the Silent Era, the monsters, directors and top 100 films.
Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Humorous weblog with film and genre commentary.
Classic Horror Films
Synopses of classic horror films, grouped alphabetically and by studio.
Reviews and articles covering the entire horror genre, past, present and future.
Crypt Crawl
Directory for horror movies and other horror related material.
Dark Angel's Realm of Horror
Banned films, video clips and a comprehensive history of horror films.
Deadpit Radio Show
Showcases interviews with horror related stars and news, all in audio format as well as reviews and forums.
Fifties Movies
A look back at the horror movies of the fifties. Includes descriptions and photographs.
Fight Evil
Pits horror movie characters against one another in a fight to the finish. Also includes news, reviews and a forum.
First Fright
Sneak preview stills of upcoming independent horror films. Includes credits and submission details for filmmakers.
Flesh Farm
Dedicated to macabre, strange and the bizarre horror films. Features trailers, movie descriptions and images.
Forever Horror
Information and multimedia for various horror films and series. Also includes fan fiction, fan art, polls, links and a message board.
Freddy In Space
Weblog with film reviews, top lists, actor career profiles, genre discussions, costume and make-up tips, interviews, character analysis, and links.
Fright Fan's Horror Page
Reviews, film information, polls, trivia, pictures and discussion about horror films.
Reviews and ratings by several contributors, interviews and in-depth feature articles. Browse alphabetically, by rating, or by cast and crew.
Mvie reviews, serial killer profiles, demon names, werewolf sightings, and vampire history.
Horror Extreme
Feature articles and reviews. Includes categories such as Asian, British, Italian, and independent horror.
Horror Film Compendium
Includes a genre glossary and reviews from classic to modern films with features such as movie categorization.
Horror Film History
A decade-by-decade guide to the history of the genre, from its roots in Gothic fiction to today's tendency towards remakes.
Horror House
Movie reviews and dedication to all time movie classics and directors.
Horror Movies
Livejournal community message board for horror fans.
The Horror Museum
Photographs and descriptions of various horror movie props. Also includes a forum and links.
The Horror Shack
Contains reviews, pictures and plot descriptions of classic, current and new wave horror films.
Horror Stop
Website strictly dedicated to the discussion of horror films. Includes news, galleries, related links and polls.
Reviews, sneak peeks, release schedules, interviews and related horror film information.
Horror news, film and book reviews, interviews, trailers and previews, screenplays, top lists, forum, and links. Includes sections on Asian horror, cult horror, and serials.
Reviews low-budget rarities in addition to high-profile blockbusters. Review listings include screenshots and multimedia for each film. Also features industry news and filming location/set reports.
House of Horrors
Comprehensive information on horror movies, directors and visual effects wizards.
House of Wax
Examines classic horror films, like Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula, and also highlights famous horror actors and directors.
Icons of Fright
Focuses on interviews with horror stars and coverage of horror fandom conventions and special screenings. Also includes film news and reviews.
Infernal Dreams
Film reviews, convention photographs, and desktop wallpapers.
Jay's Horror
Site for fans of horror movies: pictures, fan art, polls, previews, chats, screensavers, desktop themes and games.
Killing Red
Showcases horror and science fiction movie news and gossip as well as trailers, a newsletter and contact details.
Kitley's Krypt
A place for horror movie news, reviews, message boards, trivia and a swap-o-rama.
Low Budget Horror Film Society
Message boards that feature discussion horror related topics including films, directing, scripting and scoring.
Matt's Horror Movie Page
Fansite containing reviews, personal top 25 list, awards and a guestbook.
Monsters A Go-Go
Features news, related links, horror movie information and reviews as well as a searchable monster database.
More Horror
News, film reviews, festival listings, art and more pertinent horror genre material.
Oh My Gore
Cast and crew information on a large variety of horror films as well as forums and downloads. Viewable in English and French.
Scary Horror Movies
Showcases horror film information and descriptions as well as top ten and recent release lists.
Scream World
Scripts and cast listings for several horror series including Scream and Halloween.
Seventies Horror Films
Includes an alphabetized list of 70's era films, a genre study and popular director profiles.
Slammed & Damned
Collection of reviews and interviews with industry people written by Theron Neel.
Supernatural Films
A look at the ghosts, demons and witches appearing in popular horror films.
Top 50 Horror Films
Internet Movie Database users vote for the all-time top fifty horror movies. Also lists the ten worst films.
Upcoming Horror Movies
Lists descriptions of forthcoming horror movie releases as well as reviews and trailers for the films.
Low budget horror / Thriller movie makers based in UK.
Win Free Horror Shit
Weblog compiling horror-related contests from various sources.
Scare Me Not
Article by writer Timothy Dugdale on the current state of today's horror film genre. (September 12, 2000)

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