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10 Questions for the Dalai Lama
A film by Rick Ray chronicling his journey to meet the Dalai Lama as well as the Dalai Lama's own journey and Tibet's troubled past. Synopsis, links, press and contact information.
1913 Massacre
Film about a song by Woody Guthrie and its content. Film and filmmaker information, and links.
66 Months
Shot over five and a half years, tells the story of the dark, abusive but genuinely loving relationship between two men living on the fringes of society and offers an extraordinary insight into a hidden world.
7th Street
Documentary by Josh Pais about growing up and continuing to live on the same block. Includes review and synopsis.
The African Side
Film by George Egbuonu showcases Africa from a native's perspective. Film information, production notes, about the soundtrack, weblog, photographs, purchasing options, and links.
American Teenage Hot Rod, The
Short film by Greg Wolske commemorates the teenage hot rod experience. Film information, director profile, and links.
Anna May Wong
Frosted Yellow Willows - a documentary film narrated by Nancy Kwan about the Chinese American film star (1905-1961).
Aqua Burn
Documentary film examining the Burning Man festival held annually in the Nevada Desert. Film information, trailer, director's biography, reviews, photographs, quotes, and links.
Arid Lands
Feature about the land and people of the Columbia River Basin and the Hanford Nuclear Site. Film overview, trailer, awards, reviews, DVD details, historical background, multimedia, and links.
Ayurveda: Art of Being
A film by Pan Nalin on the world's oldest continually practiced healthcare system. Description, director biography, credits, historical background, pictures, and links.
Because I Am
Film about a young woman living with AIDS. Film clips, credits, production notes, and media.
Beyond Gay - The Politics of Pride
Examines the state of gay pride events and the politics surrounding them world-wide. Trailer, news, screening details, related articles, and links.
Blues by the Beach
Exploration of modern terrorism as witnessed at a live blues bar in Tel Aviv. Film information, awards and screenings, multimedia, and links.
Book Wars
An insider's look at New York City street booksellers. Film information, venues, trailer, cast and crew, media, press kit, and links.
Chronicles several months in the life of an underground Britbike mechanic. Film overview, photographs, press, and links.
The Burning Wall
A film about dissent and opposition in East Germany from 1949 to 1989, by Hava Kohav Beller. Overview, information about the director, image gallery, and contact details.
Call + Response
A "rockumentary" highlighting the still-relevant problems of human trafficking and slavery. Synopsis, credits, background information, behind-the-scenes weblog, screening details, trailer and videos, multimedia, and links to resources.
The Call of the Entrepreneur
Tells the stories of a failing dairy farmer, a merchant banker, and a refugee from Communist China. Synopsis, trailer, press, weblog, and links.
Cat Ladies
A one-hour vérité-style film that examines the 'cat lady' cultural stereotype. Synopsis, photographs, filmmaker biographies, and related articles.
A Certain Kind of Death
Story of what happens to people who die that have no kin. Directed by Grover Babcock and Blue Hadaegh.
Chasing Rainbows: Young Adults Living with Cancer
Provides the perspective of six young people about what it is like to live with cancer. Background information, synopsis, trailer and videos, news and events, screenings, press links, and resources.
Chinatown in the Shadow
Frank Didik's film describes how the inhabitants of New York's Chinatown were affected by the destruction of the World Trade Center. Synopsis and photographs.
The Cockettes
About a San Francisco theater troupe of hippies and drag queens, circa 1969 - 1972. Includes history, details on the documentary, reviews and links to related material.
Constantine's Sword
Oren Jacoby's film about author and former priest James Carroll explores the ties between Christianity, anti-Semitism, and war. Film overview, reviews, screenings, director's statement, and trailer.
Constructing Fear
Explains the evolution and implementation of an Australian government initiative called the Building Construction Industry Improvement Act. Synopsis, screenings, promotional materials, downloads, background and contact information, cast and crew, soundtrack details, press, and links.
Copyright, or the Right to Copy
Covers authors' rights, file sharing and culture in Spain in the Internet era. Originally released as "¡Copiad malditos!" under a Creative Commons license, a version subtitled in English is also offered.
The Craft of Bellringing
Explores the development of the English style hanging of bells, and covers virtually all aspects of the world of ringing, exploring the craft's rich cultural heritage.
Craigslist Joe
Documents Joseph Garner's month-long adventure of using only Craigslist to obtain everything from transportation to companionship. Synopsis, photographs, news, crew, and contact information.
Crashing the Con
A documentary on San Diego Comic-Con 2008 and a profile on the various types of people whom attend and exhibit at it every year.
Daughter of Suicide
Information about suicide prevention, documentary filmmaking and other projects Dempsey is working on.
Death - A Love Story
Official site for the film about death, liver cancer, transplant, physician/patient relations and spirituality. Synopsis, awards, reviews, director biography, and credits.
An audio-visual chronicle of the 1960s. Detailed synopsis, related articles, and links.
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox
The complicated family legacy behind the counterculture’s favorite cleaning product. Film information, filmmaker's note, reviews, credits, trailer.
Electric Purgatory
Independent feature by Raymond Gayle examines the struggles of black rock musicians and the industry's ambivalence towards them. Synopsis, screenings, news and events, photographs, and related links.
Face of the Enemy, The
Tells the story of the Vietnamese who fought in the American war, in their own words.
The Fight Game
Follows the life and career of West Australian boxer Danny Green. Synopsis, crew, image gallery, trailer, press kit, and contact information. [Requires Flash]
The First 24 Hours
Documents Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Flash plugin required.
First Basket, The
Examines the connections between basketball and American Jewish history. Synopsis, crew, video clips, and links.
Five Wives, Three Secretaries and Me
Tessa Blake tells the story of her Houston oil man father and his trail of exes. Synopsis, media, photographs, credits, and links.
Flying on One Engine
Profiles Dr. Sharadkumar Dicksheet -- a plastic surgeon who is a heart attack survivor and a paraplegic. Synopsis, news, screening details, trailer, photographs, review links, contact information, and press kit.
The Freedom Fighters of Nili
Upcoming feature by Leora Chai about the efforts of the Aaronsohns and the NILI spies during World War I. Synopsis, historical background, photographs, contact information, and links.
The Frontier Gandhi: Badshah Khan
Launches into orbit the epic story of a remarkable Muslim peacemaker.
Frontier Life
Feature film by Hans Fjellestad. Synopsis, credits, and video preview.
The Future of Food
Provides an overview of the key questions raised by consumers as they become aware of genetically modified foods. Trailer, clips, credits, reading list, web sites, screening schedule, and purchase information.
Genghis Blues
The story of a blind blues musician's journey to Tuva to compete in a national throat singing competition. Film and filmmaker information, photographs, credits, and links.
Go, Butterflies, Go
A Josephine Hamming film about the migration of the Red Admiral butterfly. Overview, awards, trailer, project news, contact information, and links.
Google Darfur
Anonymous film about the refugees from Darfur living in Chad, Africa. Background information, links to video clips, and news.
The Grand Tour
Jean-François de Buren retraces the steps of Henri de Buren, 19th century Swiss naturalist, artist and explorer. Weblog provides related articles, historical background, media, and links.
The great 88
Tells the story of AFN-Berlin and the staff, in particular the DJs and the music (R & B and Jazz) in context with the cold war situation of West Berlin.
The Great Lesson
An inspiring film about the power of mind and body.
Grist for the Mill
Personal documentary by Cynthia Wade dealing with the aftermath of her parents' divorce. Synopsis and filmmaker's biography.
H.H. Holmes, America's First Serial Killer
Information on John Borowski's documentary film about the case.
The Harbortown Bobber
Follows the ground-up build of Scott DiLalla's '69 bobber motorcycle. Film overview, photographs, and trailer.
Hearts and Minds
Review of Oscar-winning documentary about the Vietnam War directed by Peter Davis.
Hermann Nitsch
Documentary about the contemporary total artist Hermann Nitsch (Austria 1938), painter, writer, composer and performer, considered the founder of Viennese Actionism. Directed by Daniela Ambrosoli.
The Hidden Face of Homelessness
Feature film endeavours to look beyond the stereotypes of homelessness. Background information, trailer, reviews, screening details, and contact information.
A Home on the Range
Tells the story of Jews who fled Eastern Europe for California and ended up chicken ranching in Petaluma. Film information, filmmaker details, and links.
Hope Dies the Last
A Paul Kakert film about the children who had survived war in Kosovo and Uganda. Synopsis, trailer, and weblog.
Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry
Feature film exploring the roots of American tattooing through the life of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. Synopsis, related news, screening information, credits, trailer, desktop wallpapers, and links.
The Hotel Upstairs
A documentary film by Daniel Baer about life in a San Francisco residential hotel.
Human Remains
Meant to illustrate the banality of evil by providing insight into the lives of five notorious dictators. Film information, review excerpts, screenings, and awards.
I Don't Know Jack
Interviews with David Lynch and Dennis Hopper regarding the mysterious life of Jack Nance. Trailer, poster, and press kit.
Ice People
A film by Anne Aghion about modern-day exploration in Antarctica. Synopsis, trailer, screenings, review and resource links, crew, press kit, photographs, and contact information.
Ike: A Documentary
Student filmmakers chronicle the story of Galveston, Texas rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Ike. Synopsis, crew profiles, press kit and coverage, news links, videos, photographs, and contact information.
Imagining Robert
60-minute film based on Jay Neugeboren's book about two brothers, one of whom is mentally ill. Overview, image gallery, book information, calendar of events, school lesson plans, message board, and links.
An Inconvenient Tax
Christopher P. Marshall film explores the history of the income tax in the United States. Synopsis, cast and crew profiles, videos, soundtrack details, downloads, press kit, articles, and mailing list.
Interstate Theatres
Project provides historical background on a Texas theater chain - includes a film and educational tapes. Background information, clips, production notes, and links.
Iwo Jima: Memories in Sand
Video documentary of the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima. Includes veteran interviews and archival footage.
Jandek on Corwood
Documentary about a musician from Houston, Texas.
Jashn-e-Azadi (How We Celebrate Freedom)
This Sanjay Kak film explores the struggle for freedom in the Kashmir valley. Synopsis, inspirational materials, glossary, press coverage, interviews, screening details, weblog, and links.
Jesus Guy, The
Independent feature by Sean Tracey about the wandering evangelist known only as "What's Your Name?". Film information, blog, credits, press kit, screening details, photographs, and links.
Jews in Armenia
Film by Vartan Akchyan documenting the existence of the Jewish community in Armenia. Film information, credits, and news.
The John Searl Story
A Bradley Lockerman film about the life of John Searl and his inventions. Synopsis, trailer, stills, review snippets, credits, and links.
Just to Get a Rep
Film about the international graffiti movement and its relationship to hip-hop culture. General information, filmmaker details, multimedia, and press.
The King of Steeltown - Hardball Politics in the Heartland
Film by Chris Sautter. Links to the trailer, contact info, and background on the filmmaker.
Knee Deep
Film by Michael Chandler about a Maine farm boy who tried to kill his mother when she sold the family farm. Overview, brief filmmaker profiles, review snippets, press kit, screenings, trailer, and audience reactions.
The film chronicles an Italian pirate television station's inception and existence. Synopsis, news, credits, and related links.
Life After Tomorrow
Feature film about the current lives of former female child performers. Synopsis, press kit, trailer, photographs, and contact information.
A Light In The Dark
About the art and life of American Master painter and educator, Frank Mason. Synopsis, trailer, credits, screenings, contact details and link to the artist's website.
Liquid Wind
Focuses on the windsurfing and kiteboarding phenonmenon at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Credit list, photographs, contact information, and links.
Livin' To Pull
About the sport of professional arm wrestling, the culture behind the sport and the legendary figures associated with arm wrestling.
Long Night's Journey Into Day
Reveals a South Africa trying to forge a lasting peace after 40 years of government by the most notorious system of racial segregation since Nazi Germany. The documentary studies South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), set up by the post-apartheid, democratic government to consider amnesty for perpetrators of crimes committed under apartheid’s reign.
Losing Tom
A film by Trish Williams about her father's struggle with alcoholism as experienced by his family and friends. Film overview and background, production notes, resources on alcoholism and memory, historical details, and links.
Lost Nation: The Ioway
A Tammy and Kelly Rundle production about the Ioway, Iowa's native inhabitants. Synopsis, screenings, historical FAQ, related news, weblog, filmmaker profiles, photographs, sponsor listing, and links.
Lynching Charlie Lynch
By Rick Ray explores the conflict between the state-permitted medical marijuana business and Federal drug law in America, and the human cost of those contradictions. Synopsis, links, press and contact information.
Mai's America
Documents a Vietnamese exchange student's experience in rural United States. Synopsis, reviews, filmmaker interviews, credits, screening details, and links.
Massacre at Mazar
Director Jamie Doran discusses the film with Stefan Steinberg of the World Socialist Web Site.
Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky
A Dmitry Trakovsky film investigates the legacy of the late Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky. Synopsis, trailer, production notes, photographs, biographies, news articles, and contact information.
A Moment on Earth
An international documentary series capturing a single, simultaneous moment in 60 individuals' lives. The first film was shot August 5th, 2004 at 12:00pm GMT, and the second 12 hours later.
Monster Camp
A glimpse into the workings of NERO, a Seattle-based live action role-playing group. Synopsis, trailer, stills, screenings, a RPG quiz, and contact information.
My First and Last Film
Independent documentary film compiled from posthumous footage left behind by filmmaker Johnny Zhivago, who murdered actress Nicole Mitzel and committed suicide on videotape. Synopsis, filmmakers, photographs, and news.
My Neighbor My Killer
Anne Aghion's trilogy about gacaca -- citizen-based justice with which rural Rwandans are addressing the crimes of the 1994 genocide. Synopses, press kit, screening details, reviews, festival coverage, contact information, and links.
Neverbloomers: The Search for GrownUphood
A Sharon Hyman film about the meaning of adulthood. Synopsis, director's statement, and reviews.
Not Quite The Taliban
About one man's frustration with his generation of young "modern" Arabs who appear Western but are more conservative than the traditional Arabs.
Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West
A 2005 film by Wayne Kopping about radical Islamist teachings and goals. Film overview and synopsis, cast and crew, video clips, press links, weblog, resources, and links.
Okie Noodling
Film about Oklahoma fishermen who catch catfish with their bare hands. Synopsis, screenings, photographs, trailer, and news archive.
One Nine Nine Four
Documenting the birth, growth and explosion of punk rock in the 90s. Synopsis, filmmaker biographies, press articles, and contact details.
Orange Revolution
A look at the 2004 political events in the Ukraine. Synopsis, screening dates and locations, reviews, filmmaker biography, photographs, and trailer.
Orchestra Kids
Combines interviews with student musicians, parents and teachers along with formal concert footage. Based on the Emmy Award-winning children's music workshop. Past shows, press, photographs, and contact information.
A personal documentary about filmmaker Gabriela Bohm's journey through Eastern Europe, Israel, South America, and the United States to uncover her family's history. Synopsis, image gallery, credits, and ordering details.
People Say I'm Crazy
Feature film on an artist's struggle with schizophrenia. Synopsis, background information, screening details, and links.
People v The State of Illusion
A groundbreaking documentary film by Austin Vickers on quantum physics for those who like What The Bleep Do We Know, The Shadow Effect and other psychological movies.
Phenomenon Bruno Gröning, The
Explores the questions around 1949's "Miracle Healer". Film information, historical background, screening dates, multimedia, press kit, and links.
Pitch People
A look at individuals who try to sell products by demonstrating how they work. Reviews, trailer, screenings, credits, and press kit.
Play That, Teo
An Olana Digirolamo film about legendary jazz producer Teo Macero. Synopsis, history, filmmaker profiles, photographs, trailer, and contact details.
Feature film by Wes Hranchak about influences and trends in polka music.
Porn Star
Film about unlikely sex star Ron Jeremy. Synopsis, trailer, image gallery, message board, and links.
Praying with Lior
Film by Ilana Trachtman about a Jewish boy with Down's syndrome. Synopsis, background information, director's statement, cast and crew, screening details, review links, awards, resources, contacts, weblog, and links.
A Pretty Girl, a Horse and a Clown
A look at one collector of P.T. Barnum's Gilded Age belongings and circus antiques. Overview of the film, trailer, photographs, filmmaker biography, and comments.
Project Humanity 2.0
Explores the evolution in mankind in science and medicine. Synopsis, director's notes, and stills.
Real Time
Documentary about wards in the California Youth Authority who write and direct two short films. Includes information on the project, the wards, grants, screenings and contacts.
Red Light Go
A film about New York City bike messengers and Alleycat racing. Cast profiles, production notes, synopsis, trailer, vide clips, photographs, and links [requires Flash].
Follows the lives of modern-day Jewish prisoners. Synopsis, blog, photographs, and links.
Rock That Uke
A film about the musical instrument ukulele. Official website with production news, image gallery, and filmmaker biographies.
Sheffield Vision
The story of Sheffield's music scene between 1977 and 1982. Film synopsis, information about featured bands, news, trailer, and links.
The Singing Revolution
A James Tusty feature film about the Estonian struggle for liberation from the Soviet Union. Synopsis, trailer, reviews, history, background and music.
A film by Dr. Helen Smith about the Lillelid mass murder, the events that led up to it, and the many opportunities for prevention that were missed along the way. Synopsis, trailer, credits, photographs, reviews, and links.
Skin Deep
Dedicated to continuing and opening up the discussion initiated by SKIN DEEP, a 53 minute documentary film on college students confronting racism.
Smoke in the Eye
A 1996 investigation of the controversial "60 Minutes" profile on the tobacco industry. Synopsis, interviews, and links.
Soldiers of Paint
Profiles the annual Paintball recreation of the battle of Normandy, held just outside Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Synopsis, credits, news, trailer, and contact information.
The Sons of Eilaboun (أبناء عيلبون)
About the massacre, expulsion and return of a small Palestinian village in the Galilee during the 1948 war.
The Soviet Story
A film by Edvins Snore about the Soviet regime and its impact on modern Europe. Synopsis, cast and crew profiles, awards, screenings, distribution details, articles, photographs, and links.
Soy Andina
A Mitch Teplitsky film about Peru, dance and identity. Synopsis, screenings, production team, press kit and links, weblog, and links.
State of Rock
An Anthony Arkin film about Brooklyn-based rock band Girls of Porn. Synopsis, photographs, trailer, cast and crew biographies, PDF press kit, and contact information.
Steal This Film
Two documentaries covering the impact of file sharing and the movement against intellectual property. The movies are offered on BitTorrent along with subtitle files for various languages.
Strong Coffee: The Story of Café Femenino
A Sharron Bates film about coffee grown entirely by women farmers. Synopsis, trailer, press, screening information, credits, photographs, and links.
Taïga West
A film by Joëlle Kartesz about her encounter with a elder woman shaman in Mongolia. Synopsis, video clips, production stills, director profile, credits, and contact information.
Tear it Up
Documents Rockabilly music as a separate musical style. Background information, musician profiles, director biography, media, production stills, and links.
They Killed Sister Dorothy
Investigates the murder of Catholic nun Dorothy Strang in Brazil. Synopsis and background story, trailer, news, screening details, credits, soundtrack listing, related articles, and links.
Three Musicians
Follows the lives of a jazz saxophonist, a techno artist, and a traveling singer/songwriter as they produce music. Cast and crew, press kit, videos, photographs, and links.
Tom Dowd and the Language of Music
Profiles the work of the legendary music producer and recording engineer and offers a glimpse into the history of the music making process.
Trimpin: The Sound of Invention
Weblog with articles and news about the film.
A Union In Wait
Documentary about two women in North Carolina and their same-sex union ceremony that divided a community and made national headlines.
Unlicensed Cemetery
Explores the many sides of notorious serial murderer John Wayne Gacy. Synopsis, filmmaker profile, and video clips.
Film about a fishing village in the Netherlands. Synopsis, reviews, and crew information.
Valentino: The Last Emperor
A Matt Tyrnauer film about the careers of haute couture designer Valentino Garavani and his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti. Synopsis, cast and crew, screenings, videos, photographs, press links, and contact information.
Valor with Honor
Independent feature based on over 35 interviews of Japanese American veterans who served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II. Overview, photographs, and production notes.
Villisca: Living With a Mystery
Documentary feature film project by Fourth Wall Films.
Visit Palestine
A Katie Barlow film about a volunteer working to intervene in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Synopsis, reviews, screening information, and links.
W.W. Law - Unsung Hero
A film about W.W. Law, a Savannah resident, postman, and civil rights leader. Historical background, excerpts from a letter he wrote, and filmmaker information.
Wattstax 2003
An overview of the content and process of updating the 1972 documentary "Wattstax" to include new footage and improved sound quality.
Welcome to the Dream
Artists and writers experience two to three times the rate of psychosis, suicide attempts, mood disorders, and substance abuse than do comparably successful people in business, science, and public life.
Whatever It Takes
Follows the students and staff during the inaugural year of the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics. Synopsis, filmmaker information, trailer, and press kit. [Requires Flash]
Why We Fight
Eugene Jarecki's film about the anatomy of the American war machine, combining personal stories with commentary by military and political insiders. Winner of the 2005 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.
Wiktor: The Art of Survival
Follows the life of Wiktor Siminski, who was in a German concentration camp for over five years. Includes survivors' stories, photos and film information.
Wine: The Green Revolution
A documentary film about organic and biodynamic french wines.
Winning New Hampshire
A film about John Kerry's New Hampshire primary campaign, by William Rabbe and Mark Lynch. Synopsis, news, trailer, filmmaker biographies, production stills, and links.
With Wings and Roots
Explores the relationship to culture and identity of children of immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds in the United States and Germany. Synopsis, credits, trailer, photographs, blog, and links.
Wo Ai Ni Mommy
Documentary film about a Long Island, NY, family who adopted an eight-year-old Chinese girl.
World Largest
A documentary about small towns and big things - a look at people and their love of gigantic objects.
The World Without US
A Mitch Anderson film that debates what would happen should the United States close their military bases around the world. Trailers, image gallery, cast and crew profiles, media coverage, ordering information, and contact details.
The Wrecking Crew
A Denny Tedesco film about a little-known group of studio musicians who contributed to hundreds of chart-topping singles. Synopsis, trailer, song list, photographs, reviews, and links.
Documentary about The Great Plains Passion Play. Provides details of the film, the directors, producers, editors and composers, along with photos and newsletter.
Singing Revolution takes the big screen
Interview about The Singing Revolution with filmmaker James Tusty. [Baltic Times] (February 07, 2007)

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